Saturday, January 13, 2018

Whoop Whoop and Q1 Finish-A-Long goals

I didn't get a lot of sewing this week. I'm not sure why but I was very sleepy all week.

After shuffling things around on the shelves earlier this week, I did spend a little time trying to identify the table runner pattern for the kit that seems to be cut out, but I didn't have any success with that. I even asked 3 of the ladies that I used to work with at the shop, but they don't remember either. I think it was a runner that was made up and I used the pattern but bought different fabric. There is still a fair amount of yardage so I might just give up on the runner idea and use the yardage for backing on other runners that are backing-less. I will not be moving the fabric back to my UFO shelves. That is certain!

This morning, after a scare with my little dog, Max, I medicated him up and set to work on an easy sew fleece blanket kit from Joann's. This was when those kits first came out so this was several years old. I had 3 waiting to be sewn up and it would've been one for each of the pups, but we sadly lost Maisy last March. She was able to enjoy her blanket for a while though. So the other 2 will be crate blankets because.... well, dachshunds.... and this one will reside in the studio. It is already being put to good use by Max.

Somehow, I messed up my camera SD card and I can't get this picture to flip to right side up. The print is dogs.

Today was the first day of the 2018 Block of the Month at one of my local quilt shops using the Deb Tucker rulers. I switched out a couple of fabrics from the kit I bought at the shop and I am really happy with the changes I made. I was able to get the block done during the class and then I worked on some of my strip sets.

This week, I was able to use command velcro type strips to re-hang my white board in my studio. I'm very happy to have it off of the floor and out of the way! Now, I can keep reminding myself of the quilting that I have to do.

I have made my list of my Finish A Long goals for the first quarter and I wrote them out and will hang them from the white board as well. Best way to make sure they get done is to have them in my face all the time!

1. Finish up to step 5 on Road to Llano (#1)
2. Finish Halloween quilt top (#10)
3. Cut out squares for Santa Rag quilt (#15)
4. keep blogging!!
5. Sock monkey tops
6. Finish llama pillow
7. Finish RV placemats
8. Finish poinsettia table runners
9. Finish cardinal table runners
10. Finish teal table runners

This list is going to keep me busy! I will have to keep working on my customer quilts simultaneously. I can handle it!

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Tish Stemple said...

I think we've all been there done that, with the what did I buy this fabric for game. I think that it is good that you have decided to use it instead of banishing it back to the shelves. Chances are if you ever remember the pattern, if you are like me, you'd just use different fabrics anyway :) The BOM block is gorgeous! Love those Grunge prints. You keep sewing them up each month and I'll keep drooling over those fabrics. Those are sweet and snuggly little quilts for the puppers.

dq said...

That is a pretty healthy list. I wish you well.

Lynette said...

:D Yes, I think I need to put my list out in my face, too. Maybe use post-its that I get to rip away as I complete the task, or a chart that I get to put stickers on, or something. I've got a good method of several projects going during a week to keep variety in the work, but this month's main goals are soooooo intensive that it gets difficult to stay on task and not switch them out for something else. I really want the biggest two finished by month's end, so switching out won't work. Little silly rewards like stickers might ease the pain of steadfastness. :)

Jennifer said...

Aww, nice quilt for the pups, hope Max is okay tonight. I really like your block - great colors!