Saturday, September 8, 2007

I am so excited today!!

Even though it is 7:15 AM right now, I am very excited and wide awake. I am getting ready to leave for the day and I am wide awake.

First thing, I have to stop at the post office to mail a couple of things and then I am heading to McDonald's for an egg and cheese biscuit - YUM!! Then, it is off to Crayons 2 Computers for work/volunteering for chapter. We will work from 8-11, but it will probably really be until 10:30. I am thinking ahead and taking a change of clothes because last time, we were so grimy after we left that I needed another shower that day! Maddy will be at the store at 10:30 and, once I am cleaned up, we are off to the Shop Hop!!!

I have mapped out our route, made a list of things that I want/need and fabric requirements for the purse and big shirt in case I see any other fabric that I love. I have also packed my camera and some snacks. I hope to hit 5 shops today and, depending on what time we are done at the 5th shop, we may make it to the 6th. I will probably have to push Maddy a little to get to the 6th shop.

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10:04 AM, Saturday, September 8, 2007 .. Posted by maryann64 .. Edit .. Delete Good Luck and have a fun day. Hugs Mary Ann
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6:28 PM, Saturday, September 8, 2007 .. Posted by CountryQuilter .. Edit .. Delete Oh, I just can't wait to hear about your day...and see what you buy! Kristie
9:09 PM, Saturday, September 8, 2007 .. Posted by kim .. Edit .. Delete There are bound to be some goodies coming home to your house! Can't wait to hear about your adventures! Kim

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