Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A little of this, a little of that

THIS - Last night, I finally started sewing on the dog quilt that I was commissioned for back in March or April. My co-worker asked me to make this for her daughter after seeing a comfort quilt that I assembled in the spring. I'm very happy to be making this quilt for her because I think she is much more deserving of a quilt like this and she loves doxies! :)


AND THAT - I have my second knitting class tomorrow night and I have been practicing, practicing, practicing! I like knitting better than purling, but I think that I have a good flow down for working with both to make ribbing and it is starting to feel natural. Yahoo! Now, I need to start working with the tension and see where I am most comfortable and then work for consistency. I can't wait for class tomorrow night!


Now, I have to try and find the only thing that my mom ever knitted so that I can take it to class tomorrow night and show it off.


Michelle said...

Jill, this quilt will be beautiful. I love it! What a lucky girl that will call this her own!

Your knitting and purling looks great. Yes, knitting has an easier 'flow' to it than purling. You're doing great! Have fun tomorrow night!
be blessed,

Barbara Sindlinger said...

As a lover of doxies, I love your quilt. Is the dog pattern something you made up on your own?

Gina said...

Love how the quilt is looking. well done on persevering on the quilting

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Regina said...

Love the doxies - your friend will be thrilled with it! The color combination is great!!!

Carin said...

What a darling quilt!

I have tried and tried to learn to knit(no one in my family does or ever has as far as I can tell) but I just can't relax enough to do it. I get the yarn on the needle but then can't get it off cause its so tight. Then I swear and put it away.
I think I have about 6 sets of knitting needles in different sizes from different attempts. I am impressed by your quick pick up of the talent.

Barb said...

Good thing we don't live close or I'd have to come steal some of your puppy print fabrics. I'm making a snoopy quilt for my daughter's nursery and I didn't get enough puppy paws and now I can't find them anywhere!!!
That's going to be such a cute quilt. I have to mini weiner grandpuppies.