Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stash Report Week 7, 2010

I can post! In spite of sending my laptop off site, I can use the antiquated tower and surf the net. It worked great with the keyboard last night, but I am having some issues this morning that are leaving me a bit frustrated so I will not be posting much... But at least I can post!

After sending the laptop off yesterday, I was able to cut some fabric and work on the place mats! All I have left to do is the binding which I am doing all by machine, so those will be done today and ready to mail off! I will post one Quilt-A-Thon post once I get things done today. Although, I don't know if the Kodak software will cooperate on the tower so I might have to make it a more manual process with my phone. :(

No purchases this week and no giveaway winnings so I have nothing added! And I cut the fabric for the last set of fruit place mats. Woo!

Fabric added this week: 0.00
Fabric added year-to-date: 2.45

Fabric used this week: 2.02
Fabric used year-to-date: 32.95

Net Fabric Used: 30.50

Still looking good!!


Vicky said...

I'd say you're still looking good!! That's a great busting total for only February! Awesome!

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Wow...under 3 yards in for the year, great job! Keep it up!

Regina said...

Nice!!! Glad you have some internet access and don't have to go totally "cold turkey" - hope the laptop comes home SOON!

the writer said...

I completely understand cyber dependence! he he he he

Keep up the great momentum of staying in the black with the stash busting.

Penny said...

Sorry about your puter problems. Hope it gets fixed fast. I would hate to be without my laptop. Great going on the stash. 30.5 yds gone in just six weeks. I am sooo jealous.

quiltin cntrygrl said...

I still have to type up my stash report and add it. I was good though I used 2 yards of fleece!