Saturday, February 6, 2010

There's some sewing going on!

At some point this week, Max's back was screaming, "STOP!!!" and he needed some TLC to help the muscles relax and give his back a break. This meant some extra cuddling time which in effect meant some more knitting time. I knew that a bit of heat would help along with the drugs, but I could not find a rice bag for the life of me! After all that I had made last year, I must have given my last ones away. :( So I made a couple more for me and the pups.


Last night and so far today, I made the 3 orange place mats for the 2 fruit table sets that I have been working on.


And I have been making very good progress on my second sock, although there are some differences between it and the first sock... :(



It looks like I have really tightened up my stitches due to the first sock being so loose once it was done. I'm going to finish the second sock and see how it fits and if it is better, I plan on re-knitting the first sock.

And finally, all this work has just worn the Hog Dog out! I think she deserves a score of 9.9 for a great use of toys!



Michelle said...

love ya girlfriend!

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

You made quite a bit of progress yesterday. Yep, there is a little difference in the socks. The doggie picture is cute...look at all those toys!

Jennifer said...

Love those placemats! Hope Max is feeling better!

Linda and Piwacket said...

Poor little Max. I'm glad he has such a good mommy. The socks are terrific and the placemats are terrific! Happy sewing.

Babs said...

Love, love, love the placemats. So happy looking. Makes me think of spring :)

Laura said...

Love that rice bag fabric! I have it in green, yellow, and purple :-). If the store would have had the turquoise I would have bought that too! The placemats looks great, as do the socks. I hope Max is feeling better.

Lori in South Dakota said...

Max can come to my house and we can both snuggle up with rice bags! Luckily he had you to make him one!