Monday, May 24, 2010

2010 Quilt Goals Revisited - Post 5

I’m doing a series of posts (1, 2, 3, and 4) on my progress so far on my 2010 Quilting Goals.

Goal 8 – Don’t buy any new books or patterns

I am going to stipulate that the books and patterns for this goal relate to quilting and fabric books and patterns.

In my last post on the Goals, I ruminated on the use of new patterns. One reason that I know that using 10 new patterns is achievable is because of the excessive number of patterns and books that I have acquired over the past three and some change years that I have been quilting. If I keep buying books that people recommend on their blogs, I am going to run out of shelf space!

So far this year, I have done a bang up job of not buying new quilting books! I have been gifted several, but I have not purchased any myself. I must admit that there are a few books that I have my eye on, but I remember this goal and I can easily pass them by. I can write with confidence that I will be successful with this goal!

Now, the knitting books… I don’t think that they can be included in this goal because this is a new craft for me and there are things that I am finding that I want to try. This means that I need to get the book. I have purchased a several knitting books – some sock and some sweater. I think that I can assert that I am finished buying knitting books for the year, too. But it is still not part of the goal. ;)

Goal 9 – Complete Granny Square Afghan

This is not an extremely aged UFO, but I do not want it to get there either. I have been enjoying watching the blocks come together and when I work on it I can usually complete quite a bit on several blocks, but I also have to make more of an effort to work on it when I have knitting readily available. I think that once I get all of the blocks done, I will be very anxious to finish it by sewing all the blocks together.

I have thought about taking my crochet bag to the office so that I could work on the blocks there, but I have been carrying my current sock with me. I think that once I start knitting the two at a time socks, I will want to leave them at home and just work on crocheting or baby caps there. I suppose that this will be my plan once I finish the pair of purple socks.

Maisy says...

100_2665 BBBBbbuuuuuuuuurrrrrrpppppppp!

She just ate...


InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Maisy say excuse me! No more books, yarn, fabric...nothing, zip, zilch! ;0)

Jennifer said...

Great posts on your progress - you're doing a great job and these posts inspired me to update my progress on my sidebar. Thanks :)

Libby said...

I don't believe that was Maisey!