Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2010 Quilt Goals Revisited - Post 4

I’m doing a series of posts on my progress so far on my 2010 Quilting Goals.

Goal 6 – Use 10 new patterns

I didn’t specify the types of patterns when I wrote the goals post, but I am treating this as fabric and quilt patterns.

The purpose of this goal is to actually use the quilt patterns that I already have in my possession and to expand my quilting horizons. Some people seem to be quite content using the same pattern over and over and over. And while that is perfectly acceptable for them, if I kept using the same pattern repeatedly, I would probably end up bashing my head in from the repetitive boredom. I mean, making bags from the same pattern but with different fabric is one thing. But to hone in on one single pattern and to use it as a ‘catch all’ for each new line of fabric manufactured is a bit absurd considering the seemingly endless array of free patterns available on the web and the quilt books that are available for check out in most libraries.

Keeping that in mind, this goal has been similar to the Stash Busting in that I have been shopping my books and patterns first when I need an inspiration for something to make. When I was organizing and folding my fabric in January, I perused a couple of newer books for patterns that I could use with my scraps and with groups of fabric from one line that I had forgotten I owned. I have a few of them bookmarked to start when my dreaded UFO list has been adequately reduced.

As of today, I have only used 2 new patterns this year – Apple Crisp from Sweet treats by Sandy Bonsib and an online pattern for a sock knitting bag that is on Terry Atkinson’s blog. I feel confident that once I start working on my UFO’s I will be using quite a few more new patterns. Off the top of my head, I can think of 4 patterns that are in line at the moment. I feel that coming up with 4 more to use by the end of the year will be a piece of cake.

Goal 7 – Make 12 charity quilts

It means a lot to me to have the ability to do something for those less fortunate or who are in need of a little emotional pick-me-up. I have worked on the charity quilts for the Guild since I became a member and while it’s nice to be able to practice on those pieces, once I hand them in I am not able to see how my efforts are enjoyed by the recipients of the quilts.

A couple of years ago, a co-worker’s son was having some physical problems. I made a really quick quilt for him and gave it to her for him to have at the hospital. I wanted to get the quilt finished and I had to quilt it on my Brother because this was pre-quilt frame days and I really pushed it to get it quilted and the binding on within a week. I really botched the quilting because I was rushing and hadn’t used the best batting for the quilt. I ended up with a couple of large puckers on the backing that were sort of covered in the binding. When I took the quilt to my co-worker, she was floored that I would think of her son and go to the effort for him. She has told me quite a few times in these past 2 years how much the quilt meant to him and his emotional well being as he was miles away from home in a hospital for his illness. She even brought him into my office when he was in the building because he wanted to thank me. I know that he still uses that quilt and it brings me joy to know that I made a little difference in his struggles.

I’d like to think that every quilt I help to complete brings the recipient the knowledge that someone cared enough to make it for them. This is why I want to push myself to make 12 this year.

To date, I have completed 6 baby quilts for Project Linus and Kid Komforts for the Guild. I am only counting the 4 quilts that I quilted and bound and I am also setting a limit that at least 6 of the 12 have to be pieced by me. I do have plenty of books to find patterns in!

Maxie says...

100_2648 "Quilts do help."


Michelle said...

I love the quilt Maxie is laying on. You are sweet. I wish I had your determination, motivation, and energy!
love ya!

SewCalGal said...

Great goals and I think you are doing a great job reaching them. Maxie is certainly happy too!


Ted and Donna said...

When I sat at the hospital while my mother received chemo for breast cancer, they were all given throws because it is so cold in that room. No one offered me one and I was freezing. How wonderful it would have been to be given a beautiful handmade quilt for your very own. You're an amazing person. See you soon.

Deanna said...

Quilts make a difference. True. And it looks like you are doing a good job in your goals. Just keep plugging away. We aren't even half-way yet and, look at you.

I have two charity quilts in line right now...but they are a ways back in the line. Darn it. I need to get sewing.

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

It's great when you can bring a smile to someone's face!

Looks like you better get in that sewing room and get busy working on Goal #6! BTW, I LOVE my sock bag....I use it every time I knit, regardless if I'm working on a sock or not. The pocket holds my stitch markers, post-its and measuring tape.

Regina said...

I love using new patterns - I think especially because I learn something in the process of doing something new. Now to be honest -3 of the past 5 tops I have done have been variations on 4 patches and HST's, just laid out in different ways -but the differences have been amazing! I have 4 'new' patterns in my short stack of ones I want to try - and a lot more waiting in the wings... So many ideas out there!