Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stash Report Week 24, 2011

I finally sewed! As most of you know, for the past month, I have been working on painting projects in my home. I started with painting trim and the front door on the first floor, moved onto touch up work and ended up last weekend with painting the ceiling and walls in my full bath. Go ahead and click on the links - the results are awesome! I'm a bit impressed with myself still! :)

Yesterday, I worked on straightening up the condo a bit and then sat down to sew. I made a Midget block! I'm only going to show it from the back here. The front will be shown, with my tips for sewing, on the Tiny Tuesday post this week.


And because this is block #15 done, I can count fabric for 11-15 as busted!

Still nothing purchased.

Fabric added this week: 0.00 - woo hoo!
Fabric added year-to-date: 85.94

Fabric used this week: 0.33
Fabric used year-to-date: 84.39

Net Fabric Used: -1.55

I'm getting closer to zero! :)


Regina said...

yay!! I know how good it felt to finally be able to sew in the attic again - even though there is still some more work to be done to put it all to rights.... Can't wait to see the "flip side" on Tuesday! Maybe I might even work on one (yeah - possibly - I am working on a charity quilt right now so giving that priority - )

Anonymous said...

You sewed! Yay!

Amy said...

You are really close to zero. Good for you! Your house projects have turned out wonderful. It is amazing what a coat of paint can do.

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

It's about time!

Kate said...

Great home improvements! Plus a little closer to break even. You had a good week!

Jennifer said...

Woo hoo - back on the horse!