Sunday, September 18, 2011

A little productivity

After I posted my stash report this morning, I finished the stitching on the 4 patches and ripping out the stitches so that the seams will lay flat on the back. I'm going to work on pressing the blocks once I post this.


After that was done, I put the binding on a charity quilt that I quilted in March. I was testing a freehand design for a customer quilt.


I love how the binding looks on that quilt, but I think that I used the rest of the fabric on the binding which is a bummer because I just quilted another quilt today to test out the machine and get the tension in order. I just did a quick stipple on the quilt while I was working on laundry.


And then I loaded the Split Second Decision quilt for quilting! I'm going to do a panto on this, but I have to find the one that I want to do. I think that I will start on it tomorrow when I get home from work.


I have a couple of loads of laundry to fold and the 4 patches to press and then I think that I am going to do some knitting. I am working on the gusset and just about ready to work on the foot. Or feet since I am doing 2 at a time. :)

And while I am knitting, I can do a little cuddling with these 2 characters!



PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Just catching up. You've been keeping busy.

scraphappy said...

It feels good to be productive, and you must feel great after getting all that work done today. Love the freehand quilting that you were trying out on that first quilt. Freehand patterns seem to go so much faster than pantographs.

Kristie said...

Oh I just hate pressing a big pile like that. I usually just do a few at a time, that is what takes me forever! :(

Looks like you have been busy with the frame. I like that split decision...when did you piece that one? I don't remember it.

Can't wait to see your new socks! I still haven't even opened my knitting stuff. The way things are going here I probably will not get to try them out until SPRING!

Regina said...

Looks like a great day!!!!!

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

You were busy today!! Now finish those socks so you can make that cardigan with Regina.