Monday, April 2, 2012

Design Wall Monday - 4/2

This past weekend, I worked on a donation quilt for the local SPCA fund raiser. I need to have the quilt finished by next Monday to hand off to my co-worker who asked me to make the quilt. And I am thinking that I have enough fabric left over to make another one so I am happy about that!

I trimmed up several blocks tonight for several reasons... So that I could post for Design Wall Monday, so I could see how the blocks are turning out and so I could take some pictures with the new camera. The pattern is Between Friends from the Happy Hour book.


I'm still working on the best setting for shooting my fabric. This was actually taken just a few minutes ago so the lighting isn't the best which could be the real issue.

And here is Maisy keeping an eye on the leftover fabric...



Jean said...

are you gonna post the SPCA quilts? That's cool that you may have enough to make two.

Maisy makes a great snoopervisor :-)

elizabeth said...

it looks like Maisy is saying can you use the rest to make me a quilt? That is great that you are making a quilt for the SPCA fund raiser, hope it makes loads of money for them and a list of new contacts for your quilting business. HAPPY QUILTING

Jennifer said...

The blocks look good - the top should go together quickly :)