Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Time to Knit?

Since I finished my socks on Sunday ... well, I still need to sew in the ends, but the knitting is complete ... I was emailing with Amy about whether I should start another pair. With forcefulness wonderful encouragement, she quickly pointed out politely reminded me that I still have a sweater that needs to be finished. Such a slave driver great friend! lol

So when I got home from my Guild meeting on Monday night (by the way, anyone need raffle tickets for the raffle quilt made with batiks and Judy L's Morning Splash pattern?? lol), I dug around in my basket o' knitting and found the sweater.


I could have sworn that I had the other sleeve done, but I guess I stopped after the first sleeve. I found the pattern book and the yarn and needles that I need and the pattern that I wrote out when I made the first sleeve. I am all ready to cast on the second sleeve to get that finished so that I can send the pieces to my wonderful friend Amy for final assembly!! Kidding! I need to do it myself. I know. sigh

And once the second sleeve is done, I still need to do a decorative ribbing around the neckline.

But after looking at this pattern, I am ready to choose the yarn from my stash for another sweater from a different book I have.

At least I will have some time for cuddling with these wonderful companions while I knit!



Jean said...

That color will look pretty on you! Imagine how nice it will be knowing you knitted it yourself. Go you!

Kristie said...

Love that color yarn! Just think how good it will feel to finish it up. Ya know, I bought all of that knitting stuff last year and still haven't even tried to use it! LOL! I wanted to learn this past winter but just too much going on with getting in the house and stuff....maybe this winter!

Jennifer said...

Good for you! My mom hates the assembly too. Can't wait to see it all done.

Beth said...

Beautiful! I just ordered yarn for my first sweater (in fact it might be waiting for me at home now). I really need to find the courage to cast on. Socks and shawls are so much easier to rap my head around hehehe

Jackie said...

I'm impressed that you found your notes on the sleeve and could figure out what they mean. I always write notes and then later on have NO clue as to what they mean. The color you're using is beautiful and I commend you on working to finish somthing!

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

I'm here any time you need some encouragement! LOL You don't want that half finished project just lying around taking up space do you?!?! Let me know if you need any help with seaming. ;0)