Sunday, April 21, 2013

Stash Report Week 16, 2013

Nothing new to report this week. I haven't been sewing because I have been working on cleaning up my basement in preparation for the Avante.

I should have taken some before pictures, but here are some pre-delivery pictures. I have only made 1 trip to Goodwill, but I think there will be another one in my future. My neighbor Tim came over and helped me move some things around. This week, we will get the sleeper sofa out - that is what is leaning up against the back wall behind the vacuum.


There was a lot of organizing of the other odds and ends and my big pieces of batting are in one spot and my smaller pieces are in another. I have a chest of drawers that is now filled with quilting items instead of stamping items. :) There are 2 pieces of fabric tacked to the ceiling to drape and hide what is under the stairs. I am going to change those out to something lighter so it will brighten the place up a little. (Mom, if you are reading this, the covering towards the back is the couch's slip cover we talked about last week that you couldn't remember what we did with!)


I have a few more things to go through and a few more trips to the dumpster in my near future, but I am very pleased with how it is shaping up and Tim was very pleased to have a full basket to take home with him!

After a bit of a rest, some of the neighbors and I went to the local watering hole for refreshments. I got my hairs did Friday night and needed to show it off on Facebook. So Timmy and I took a picture.


So no change in the stash report for this past week.

Fabric added this week: 25.44
Fabric added YTD: 31.91

Fabric used this week: 0.00
Fabric used YTD: 16.88

Net Fabric Used: -15.03

After the cleaning spree, Lula was exhausted!



ANudge said...

Looking good!

Teri said...

Looks Great. OMG - I sewed with some of that fabric with the oval last week. How weird is that.

Teri said...
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Jennifer said...

Looks like you are making space - cant wait to see it filled in! Your hair looks great too :)

Regina said...

Oh wow -that space looks HUGE compared to how I remember it - amazing what some cleaning and cleanout can do!!!