Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gardening Condo Style

Last year, I searched for snap dragons to plant in front of my condo and I couldn't find any! I tried getting a pack of seeds and sprinkling them around, but nothing grew.

I vowed that this year, I would get the supplies to plant them from seeds inside and transplant them to the ground when I was ready and could plant everything else.

Two weeks ago, I made a trip to a local all in one store and got the peat packs and containers and some seeds. They didn't have snap dragon seeds so I picked up a few others. And last weekend after the Southern Invasion left, I prepped the peat packs and planted seeds.


I have been watching the containers, but I didn't think that I would have any signs of life until this Saturday. I was shocked when I saw sprouts on Wednesday night! And this is what I had on Thursday night!


One tall sprout in the container on the right and four packs with sprouts in the container on the left. One pack in the left container actually has 2 sprouts (at the bottom of the picture)!

And this morning, I took this picture. I guess that some seeds are doing better than others.


I'm very excited about this and I need to get back to the store to see if I can find the snap dragon seeds now. I can't wait to keep nurturing these sprouts and peat packs and see how everything turns out! And later today, I am going to try and find some snap dragon seeds. :)


Regina said...

Woohoo! I planted my second batch of veggies last week and have things sprouting. Some outside planting will start next weekend - I hope.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Very cool! I plan on prepping our gardens for some sunflower seeds next weekend.

Jennifer said...

Regina is rubbing off on you ;) Hope they keep growing and transplant outside well!

wtpooh11 said...

That is so great. I have no luck with plants. Good for you. :)

Zany Quilter said...

Interesting...not a lot of flowers grow well in Vegas so we just buy whatever the local nursery stocks...nothing to exotic! I hope your flowers turn out beautiful... ;-)

Jean(ie) said...

Look at you go!!!!

elizabeth said...

Jill I know I saw some snap dragons last week while my son and I were out running around, some of the stores we were at are Home Depot on Colerain, 2 Meijer's on Colerain and Harrison ave, Walmart in Hamilton near Lowe's and Meijer on the same road as Bella's just a ways out taking the right fork, and maybe Lowe's on Colerain. Good luck with the seeds