Monday, November 25, 2013

Design Wall Monday - 11/25

I've been busy quilting. I'll post full pictures of the quilts later this week once I have them all cleaned up.

Saturday, I finished puppy prints.


I just finished another quilt with Square Spiral. I need to get the binding made and sewn on so I have some hand stitching to do Thursday.


And I have been working on assembling the split nine patch blocks. I still have a ways to go.


Back to work for me!


Jennifer said...

And you've been stitching!

Dar said...

Those paw prints are cute and I love the quilting of Spiral Square. I now understand why it's Judy's favorite go to pattern, I'm curious to see what your split 9-patch will look like. I've only seen then as scrappy. You have been busy.