Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy Saturday!

Even though it was a shortened week at work due to the New Years holiday, I am so glad that the week is over and the weekend is here! Yesterday was such a bear at work. Within the first 10 or 15 minutes of being there, I had a couple of big problems to deal with. And what really ticked me off is that the one problem should not have been a problem because I have explained to the Director at least 4 times what he needed to do to pay an invoice that we have been holding since JUNE 2007! That's right, an invoice that is at least 7 months old is still unpaid! And he keeps trying to make his own rules instead of actually following the steps that I have outlined for him on several occasions. Why do some people think that policies don't apply to them and they can just do what they feel is best for them? It drives me nuts!

Once I got home, I had every intention of getting on the elliptical and cleaning the lettuce in the fridge for a salad for dinner. Unfortunately, there was a mishap with an elevator on Thursday and my shoulder was a little sore so I couldn't do the elliptical. So I just ate a can of green beans and new potatoes.

What was the mishap with the elevator? I am sure you want to know about this, but it's more humorous than exciting. I work for a hospital group in Cincinnati and the building that I work in is an old hospital that we shut down in 2000 (I think). It is now mostly office space. There are a few areas that see patients, but that is a different hospital group and they see mostly kids. Although I have seen the occasional druggie/alcoholic going to the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center that is on the floor above my floor. Anyway, most of the old patient rooms were renovated into offices. And in the past when I have talked about my office, this is what I am talking about. They took out the shower heads and we use the shower areas for storage, but each office has its own bathroom. That is right, I have my own bathroom at work! :)

Anyway, back to the elevator. The building is very old because it was the first hospital of the group and was used way back in the late 1800's so the oldest parts of the building are really old. I don't think that they are in use anymore and I am not sure when the wing that we are in was built, but it has to be ancient! Which means that the elevators are ancient, too. One elevator was out of commission from about August until December. On Thursday, a co-worker and I were going down to the Gift Shop and this elevator's doors opened and I stepped into the elevator. Unfortunately, the elevator's floor wasn't even with the floor that I was on and I tripped into the elevator. I threw my arm up to catch myself and I think that I pulled something or just jarred it. But we were laughing because I almost fell on my face. That would not have been funny! The funny thing is that a few other people have had this happen and we all know to watch and make sure that the elevators are even and have stopped moving before entering or exiting the elevators. Isn't that bad?

See, it wasn't all that excting.

So last night, I cleaned the kitchen and washed dishes and then straightened my sewing area. Max is still having issues. He keeps going up and down stairs and last night he wouldn't sit still until I was sitting on the couch and holding him. Then, he didn't want to pee outside. It's very frustrating because I knew if he didn't got last night that he would have issues this morning and, sure enough, he did. Dogs are such a joy! He keeps going down the stairs and his back is still bothering him quite a bit and short of throwing him in his cage all the time, I don't know how to keep him from that and from jumping on and off the furniture.

This morning, I am meeting Judy, Maria and Jeanette from my small group and we are going to stop at a couple of stores and then head to Maria's to sew. I have packed up Bubba and some projects that I need to work on and am ready to go. Bubba fits into both of the new totes and one tote will hold my notions box and 2 of the plastic shoeboxes that I got on Monday AND a flater container that came with the tote. So I am all packed and ready to go and I only have 2 rolling totes and a ruler to take. It's awesome! I can't wait to see how I can pack for the retreat in February!

I am also taking my camera so that I can take pictures today and you all can see what my real-life quilting buddies look like since I am sure taht I will be talking about them a lot now. :) And of course, I will have to blog anything exciting that happens while I am out.

OK, I guess that is enough of me rambling for now!


Jen said...

Have a fabulous time!! I'm planning on getting at least two quilts on and off the frame today.

Kristie said...

Enjoy your day! Can't wait to hear all about it. Hope your shoulder gets better and also Max.

Amelia said...

Hopefully you had a productive time.

Next week "has" to be a good week. Both you and Max have to be on the mend.

Moneik said...

Have a great day! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun and get a lot of sewing done.