Friday, July 11, 2008

Bubba, is that smoke???

I think that Bubba has been overworked the past week! Dangit! The thread cutter is not working. When I sew on something and then push the button, it cuts the thread, but then sucks it down into the machine and when I pull the fabric out, the fabric puckers a little and the thread pulls. Bummer! I put a small quilt together for Spencer and it was so hard to not hit that thread cut button. I eventually figured out how to take the needle cover plate off and cleaned out the back part of the machine in hopes that it would help. It didn't. :( Anyone have any ideas? I can't be without a machine right now so taking it in for service is out of the question.

Anyway, here is the quilt that I made, start to finish, last night.


It was a Joann's kit, but I removed the plush and replaced it with a solid color flannel. And the front sticks to the back fairly well so I didn't even do any quilting on it. I think that Spencer will love it!

I only got 3 hours and 15 minutes in last night. I had to get my things together for my class tonight at Best Friends. I have to get there a little early to but the last bit of fabric that I need and the next BOM kit. I can't wait to see how my fabric choices look in this quilt!


Michelle said...

Can you take the bottom off of Bubba? If you can get to the underside of Bubba, maybe there is just an excess of thread and lint built up in the cutter, and it actually is not cutting the thread all the way, even though you think it is. Might not hurt to add a drop of oil to where you can see the cutter too.

I hope this works for you.
Go Jill!

Kristie said...

Love the little quilt! It is a bad time for Bubba to start going down!!! I was going to say that Michelle is the best to ask about machine problems, but I see that she has already commented!!! Good Luck!

Myra said...

Cute Spiderman quilt! Any little boy would think it's great! Lucky guy!
Having machine troubles is the pits...especially when you are busy with your stitchings!!! I'm frustrated by my machine right now, but I am not sure if it IS the machine, or the person operating it!?
Still have lots to learn with my Pfaffy!

Regina said...

Ohhh Bubba - hang in there buddy - you can't rest until September (since Jill WILL be in the August Sew Off!!!)... how frustrating.

Sandra said...

I don't know how to fix Bubba,but maybe he is tired.LOL..Keep up the sewing,you have gotten so much done.

Moneik said...

You are smokin right along! You're doing an amazing job and the top looks great.

Jen said...

Bubba is really starting to worry me. Maybe you should take your earnings from any quilts you quilt and keep them put aside incase you need to replace Bubba one of these days. Maybe put the "fund" jar next to him as a reminder to him to behave!!