Monday, September 8, 2008

Go Vote for ME!!

The Quilting Gallery is hosting a Lazy Days of Summer Contest for anyone who finished or worked on something over the summer. I entered my Lover's Lane. Go HERE and vote for it!!!



Regina said...

I can't vote for yours because I voted for mine and I have not figured out how to trick the counter and vote more than once.

I DO love this quilt, though!!! A LOT!!!

Regina said...

...I just remembered that I have a Hubby with 3 computers, and 5 other ones here at work.

Your vote count just went up. If I can't win this thing you sure can!!!

Linda said...

I voted for Lovers Lane last night. At that point you were still in 2nd place. Now you're in first. I am shakin' my thang doin' the happy dance.

Carin said...

beautiful quilt!

Jen said...

I'm SOOOOO proud of you that you won!!!! I voted on every computer that I could think of!