Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shop Hop - Day 2

Sunday started off a little more relaxed. We only had 3 shops to hit and then we could turn in our passports! Maddy had family obligations, so it was just Cathy, Dominique and me. We met at Dom's shop and took off for Fabric Shack and an early lunch.

Fabric Shack is in Waynesville, Ohio and there are a ton of cute shops and antique shops in the same area. We went to the Cobblestone Cafe and ate in the outdoor water garden. It was lovely and the food was fantastic! Once we were done eating, we headed back to the Shack for shopping.

I found these fabrics. The purples and yellows and teal is for the class at Best Friends that I am taking later in the fall. I also found some Halloween fabric (the green words and spider webs) that I need for my wall hangings/panels that I got yesterday.


And I couldn't pass up this book. There were some very cool looking patterns in it.


And this border print! I was looking for a border print to show Linda and Dom how to make the continuous line table runners.


Once we left Fabric Shack, we all discussed how great it would be to have cookies, but Dom had left them at home. :(

Then, it was on to Sew-A-Lot in Centerville. The shop has some really neat fabrics and a Next Generation Grace frame set up with a Pfaff Grand Quilter machine and they were demonstrating the Q-bot. Very cool concept - WAY too expensive! Lots of lines, not enough space anywhere and too many people meant that I was ready to leave ASAP! I did pick up some inexpensive fat quarters and a ruler on sale that I will need for the One Block Wonder class.


We left Sew-A-Lot and lamented about the left behind cookies again....

And it was on to Stitches! I love this shop! But they didn't have the Cherry (garlic) Kisses out. I picked up these 2 fabrics for the class and the bundle of fat eighths of the shop hop fabric. Then, I heard Dom frantically calling for me. It turns out that in the mayhem at Sew-A-Lot, they didn't stamp her passport! And this was after a worker took her fabric and stood in line for her at the cutting table while she got her goodie bag and registered for the door prize and laid her passport on the table for the stamp. After a phone call to Sew-A-Lot, a run to the car for her bag and receipt, it was decided that they would accept her passport as it was with notes explaining the missing stamp. Once this was decided, she was ready to shop!


What a day! What a Hop! We all got some really great buys and had lots of laughs! I think it is safe to say that new friendships were made, too! And I think that it's safe to say that when I win a prize, everyone will be happy!! ha ha ha


Jen said...

That ruler for the one block wonder...what is that? Is it a 60 degree?

Moneik said...

What great purchases! I'm sure you had a great time and I love all your goodies.

Tina said...

Jill - I bet you had fun! Wish I could have gone this year....

If you don't mind my asking - What classes are you taking at Best Friends? I will be stopping by this week, just to see what Shop Hop specials they do have, and I was thinking of taking a class. Would love to take a class with you and your friends - get a chance to meet you.....