Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mail from Tuesday 3/3

There were a couple of packages today, but no other mail. I sometimes wonder if my mail carrier does that on purpose...

The bigger package was from P&B Textiles. There are fat quarters from 6 different lines of their fabric. It's all wrapped in fabric so I can't touch the fabric, but it's gorgeous!


The other package was from Dragon Threads. They sent a couple of books that I may have to take some time looking through. Gorgeous colors! Vibrant pictures! And when I checked out their website just now, they are having a warehouse liquidation sale.

This first book is Quilting Party! Group Quilting for Celebration, Commemoration & Charity or just for fun.


The second book is Journey of an Art Quilter by Barbara Olson.



Jen said...

Dang you are getting some really cool stuff this year!!

Moneik said...

This stuff is awesome! It looks like the quilting party book would be really cool.

Regina said...

At least he's not bringing you bills.

This stuff looks awesome - I am going to have to budget more for those raffle tickets!!!