Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Busy Mid-week

I am sitting in a Frisch's restaurant eating dinner before a Guild meeting and reflecting on various non-quilty things. My partner in crime, Barb, is absent tonight, but she is here in spirit! (side note - HOLLA!)

Tomorrow night, right after work, I begin to learn how to knit. My hopes are to pick up the craft and begin to knit socks! I'm sure I will have to take a class specific to socks, but tomorrow I will be on my way!

In the past couple of weeks, I have had the pleasure of re-kindling several old friendships and I couldn't be happier! There have been some great emails and catching up and a huge realization that some quite unpleasant experiences have unfortunately been shared. Its been an eye opener to say the least!

Today, I got my first ever flu shot. I know a gal who had a bad reaction a few years ago so I always shied away from them, but with the swine/hiney flu and how ill I was at Christmas last year, I decided that I didn't want to take any chances. Plus, the shots were free for hospital employees! Woo! And I was lucky to have my co-worker Pamela there to hold my hand! So far, no reaction other than tenderness. :)

Well, I guess this is all for now. I gotta get to my Guild meeting!

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Regina said...

My flu shot is tomorrow - bright and early! Woo Hoo!!!

What a great way to start the day?!?!

Michelle said...

I used to knit when I was about 12 but only made things like mufflers (scarves). My two brothers knit too, can you imagine? I really haven't found the desire to restart, but you have fun, then you can convince me otherwise!

I'm happy about your renewed friendships. That is so cool!

I'm still waiting for my flu shot. Our area hasn't had an overabundance of them yet. I think the H1N1 shots are supposed to be here sooner than the usual seasonal flu shot. I should have plenty of holes in my arm by the time I am finished! I have never had any ill effects from shots.

Have fun at your meeting!
Enjoy God's blessings!

Kristie said...

I would love to learn to knit! I can crochet enough to get by, but I have never tried to knit. Hope you have fun learning.

Enjoy your guild meeting!

Reenie said...

Yay for you! Learning something new is always so exciting. If you need help, just holler! I just finished a sock and am ready to start it's mate.

Babs said...

HOLLLLAAAA! (hee hee)
Thanks for the shout out ;)
And yes, I was there in spirit!

Got my flu shot yesterday and felt super yucky all day at the OBW class (I'll send pics soon). I have soreness at the spot of the injections and even have pain into my armpit :(
Hope you have no ill-effects :)

Cheryl Willis said...

I crochet and knit just enough to start projects, not enough to finish- lol
I can always make ONE of something, getting the second one to look similar rules OUT socks for me!!
good luck. cw

Gina said...

I can't get on with knitting at all and believe me I've tried.
I haven't bothered with a flu jab for a while either. I had the worst bought of flu I've ever had about a week after my last jab. As a result no more for me, I'll take my chances.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Linda & Piwacket said...

I look forward to seeing you tonight and am so glad that you have renewed some friendships in your life.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear about the renewal of old friendships. I have reconnected with some old friends lately and it's wonderful to catch up. Email and Facebook are a great way to bring people together.

Have fun with your knitting class. I learned when I was young and shied away from knitting until about three years ago. Started back with socks, which I love doing, and branched out this year to shawls. They take longer but are just a straight shot.

Regina's Sister Sue

Liz said...

Socks are the best! Maybe invest in some circular knitting needles, they really help. (and splash on the metal ones, the bamboo ones don't last)

Have fun!