Sunday, October 25, 2009

Judge's Choice and Comments

After seeing my quilts hanging up in the show and hearing from a couple of gals who were present during the judging, I was very excited to see my comments. The gals both said that the judge was impressed with my quilts and that she really took her time admiring the Lover's Lane. Carol said that she had great things to say about Oz, too!

I also found out that there were only 2 Judge's Choice ribbons given out of almost 150 quilts! And I got 1!! This still makes me smile every time I think about it!!

OK, now for the comments!

Lover's Lane -


Best features of the quilt are - The contemporary fabric choice combined with the traditional block design to create an apart pattern. Seam intersections are accurate through-out. Machine quilting curves are smooth. Design is balanced. Binding is neatly applied.

The area that needs improvement - Quilt miters should be sharp front to back.

I'm assuming that this means the binding corners because I can see when looking at the quilt that they are not as sharp as they could be. I think that this happens after washing. And I may need to watch the bulkiness when I get to my corners.

On the Way to Oz -


Best features of the quilt are - Block design encouraged exploration to understand quilt's theme. Multiple seam intersections are excellent. Quilting design defines theme. Techniques very well controlled.

The area that needs improvement - Corners need to be 90*.

And once I got the quilt out, I can see what she meant by this, too. The fabric that I used in the border may have been sub-par. I was seeing some distortion when I was trying to add the final border. And the quilt was stretched during the quilting process as normal and it distorted the border corners a tad. Not the quilter's fault and not my fault, really. Once the quilt was quilted, there wasn't much that could be done to correct anything. But it is visibly noticeable when looking at the small red border.

I am very pleased with all of the comments! And I am very happy to have my quilts back home with me! LOL


Suzan said...


Carin said...

Jill they are both beautiful! You deserved the ribbon for sure!

Shellie said...

Amazing. Congratulations! on a ribbon well deserved. *Smile* and great comments. Thanks for sharing.

Kristie said...

Great Job! You should be very proud!

Beth said...

Great job Jill! I love both of those quilts! I've loved Lover's Lane since I first saw it on your blog. You should be very proud of yourself :) Keep up the great work!!

Regina said...

Totally awesome comments- and great things to keep in mind for all of us - even if not entering a competition. I showed one of my quilts to someone last night and she was so impressed by the loops in your quilting - how even and consistent and gorgeous they are!!! sounds like the judges like your technique, too!!! Great work!!!

Trish said...

WooHoo! Both quilts are awesome and deserve the great comments! Congratulations!