Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pressing, pressing, pressing

Last night, I was making good progress on the Secret quilt assembly. I have 5 rows sewn together and started pressing those seams open and I sewed row 1 to row 2. When it came to pressing that long seam, I just couldn't see myself spending all that time to press it open. I don't have a lot of Best Press left that would help those seams lay really flat and I really just don't want to start burning my poor finger tips.

I have made an executive decision that once I sew the pieces into rows, I'm going to the 'pressing seams to one side' method of pressing. It will be much easier to get the rows assembled. I did this on my Lover's Lane quilt and it worked out well.

I don't think that Regina will mind. I think that she would rather have her quilt quicker than have to wait for me to press everything open... Right, Regina?

I'm hoping that this means that I can get this quilt top assembled this weekend! I have to run some errands in a little bit, but once I get back, I am going to be all over this top!!

Regina, it's getting closer!!!

The pups say...

100_2490 "Just get it done!"


Michelle said...

You are right! Having open seams is nice, but a lot of work. Have fun sewing. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and I'm going junkin'! Louie is at his annual State pool tournament, and I'm taking the Edge and 'heading out' to junk with my brother (and possibly his wife and granddaughter).
Have a great day!
love ya! Michelle

Coloradolady said...

aww...what sweet pups! I really don't know about the pressing....I just press to one side, maybe I am doing it wrong....oh, well....liked the photos of your dogs! So cute!

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Are you done yet?!?! I wanna see!!!

Regina said...

I wanna see, too!! :-P

Babs said...

I'm with the dogs ;)

And you know, you wouldn't be having any ironing problems if you had the close-to-patent Barb iron with a broken tip LOL

BTW - don't turn the iron and look at it ROTFLMAO!!!