Monday, July 12, 2010

Busy bee here

On Friday, I posted about my plans for the weekend. I think I was extremely successful! Even prolific, some might say! ;)

I finished the sweater front.


And started the sweater back. I actually got all of the ribbing done and a few rows of the body Sunday night, but I didn't take another picture. Imagine the sweater front again with about an inch to an inch and a quarter knit! lol


I got the baseball quilt mostly cut out for the computer guru neighbor. (Update on the laptop - the Guru thinks that he will just have to reformat the hard drive again and drop all the files in that he saved from last time. I think that I am going to give him my external hard drive to copy the files to. Let's hope that this won't take another week... I can't stand another weekend at the library with smelly old men next to me!) Anywho, here's the pieces for his quilt.


Now, remember those 5 projects that I have on my staging area? That would be from this post. Well, I wasn't counting my table runner that I showed. So it was really 6 plus the one that I don't want to work on but just can't store anywhere else.

Anyway, on Sunday when I got back from the library, I decided that I was going to try to work on my Jitterbug YBR and assemble the rows. As I was going along, I realized that I had a spot on each row when I would need to cut the thread to piece the last 2 pieces together. Instead, I pulled out the Bento Box pairs that I had set aside and I started using them as leaders and enders. I've never done this before because I never thought ahead to having another quilt 'ready' to piece.

I have to admit that I loved having two things going at once. And once I realized that, I jumped to the table runner and got that pieced. I am glad that I ripped out the last seam that I had put in because I found a way to line up the pieces on each side of the sashing so it doesn't look like things are floating away. I still don't like how this turned out, but I guess if someone is to use it with garland and candles or something to take away from the center blocks, it might not be so bad. (Mom? Can you do that? lol)


A closer picture of 2 of the blocks in the runner.


So I was able to get the runner finished, sew on 3 sets of the leader/ender Bento Box blocks and sew 3 rows of the Jitterbug together.

Can you guess what Maisy was the happiest with? And as soon as I threw the third row on the floor, Max was all over that! lol



Coloradolady said...

If I lay anything on the ground, it is like a dog magnet...they want to be on the quilt blocks and no where else. Crazy pups!

Winona said...

I have cats, and no where is safe from them...table, bed, cutting mat, ironing board. You name it. If fabric is laying somewhere, they are going to get on it. LOL Good thing I love them. Looks like you have been busy. I hope you get your computer fixed quickly. Winona

Michelle said...

Good job! Quilting? I've heard a lot about it. Maybe someday I'll try it!
Take care of you, and I hope your computer is fixed quickly!
love ya!

Jennifer said...

What a great set of progress! And way to go working on two projects, then three all at the same time - Bonnie Hunter would be proud of you!

Bill Treadway said...

Go you!

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

Congrats on finishing the front of your sweater! How do you like knitting it compared to socks?

Hot dog on making progress on several projects at once. They'll be flimsies before you know it!

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

Congrats on finishing the front of your sweater! How do you like knitting it compared to socks?

Hot dog on making progress on several projects at once. They'll be flimsies before you know it!

orchidlover said...

Trying again as the last comment wouldn't publish.

Love how the sweater is turning out.
Stanley is exactly the same with my quilts, no matter what stage they are at. All quilts are his. When I want to lay a quilt out to sandwich it Mal has to take Stan out on a LONG walk otherwise he'll just plonk himself on it and refuse to move.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Regina said...

It's all looking great! I need to pick a next project so I can keep up this momentum- or maybe actually sandwich and finish some of these flimsies!!!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

So much accomplished this last weekend!! Thats great. I like your table runner.. I have some christmas fabric that I will be deciding what to do with too. Your pups are so cute

elizabeth said...


Mom said...

I think I can get over what ever you think is wrong with that beautiful table runner! Unless you backed it with that ugly black stuff.

Josh said...

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Jen said...

Wow, you are so organized! Look at all those stacks of neatly cut pieces. I just want to dive in and start chain piecing them!! Then me and the pups can lay on the baseball flimsy together! :)