Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm retreating!

After what seemed like the longest drive in the world yesterday where I seemed to find every person in Indiana that wanted to drive at or below the speed limit, we finally made it to Shipshewana! Becca drove up and stayed at my house Wednesday night and I packed the car up on Thursday morning and we were off. I had wanted to be on the road by 7, but after being awake well past 1 AM I didn't think it was wise to get up and out that early. As it was, we didn't leave until 8:45.

The following are things that I forgot to throw in the car (Barb, this is for you! HOLLLLLAAA!!!!!!!):
  1. A jacket - Surprisingly, it is a lot cooler this far north in the evenings. Really, I am not surprised by that, just kicking myself that I left the jacket at home. On the agenda for today - buy some sort of jacket, just in case.
  2. My sewing machine's extension table and knee lift. Not a big deal because I am mostly going to be piecing on blocks that don't extend off of the sewing machine, but the knee lift has been missed!
  3. My rotating rotary cutting mat. I do have some projects planned with HSTs and the spinning mat is very nice to have. I can make do.
  4. My camera cord. A while ago, I started taking the memory card out of my camera and inserting it into the laptop to download the pictures because I found that it is much easier. Unfortunately, this means that my camera has not been connected to the laptop in some time and the charge is, well, low. I can still take pictures for the time being, but I may lose power totally by the end of the weekend.
  5. To pick up the dog doo at my house. Yes, a necessary evil and probably exactly why I forgot it. lol
Barb had asked me last night what I forgot and said that she is getting me a stack of "To Do" list paper pads for Christmas. She knows me well, apparently! :)

The retreat center is very nice and our seats are facing a wall of windows. The view last night was awesome and I should've taken a picture, but that would've meant spending more time outside (see #1 above). I have already made the bottom insert for my Margo bag that I made last week (post later on that) and worked on the Oriental fabric blocks for another neighbor's quilt. I should be able to get those blocks finished up quickly.

Here is a picture of the projects that I packed. The top row is the 2009 Mystery BOM blocks, the Christmas trivet and the 2009 $2 a block BOM setting blocks. The bottom row is the strips for the 9 patch blocks for my grandma's quilt, Whimsy Split Decision and the Orientals quilt. Yep! Six projects!


I got all of this plus some notions stuffed into 2 Art Bins - a medium and a large. Woo hoo!!

All right, enough of this! I need to get ready, get breakfast and then hit Lolly's and Yoder's and then get back to sewing!

Max and Maisy and the condo are being looked after this weekend by my aunt and cousin. I got a text last night that the pups were very happy to see them! :) Max just knew the something bad was going on Wednesday night as the stack to go in the car kept getting bigger and bigger.



Jackie said...

I had to enlarge the pic of all your cut out projects and gaze at it a while. Everything looks so neat and organized. Can I send you my stuff to cut and organize for my retreat in Feb? Seriously. You did such a good job and I HATE cutting out fabric. Have fun and I'm looking forward to seeing what you did accomplished!

PunkiePie said...

Regardless of everything you forgot, sounds like you're having a fab time!!

You like your knee lift? My machine came with one too and I used it once and removed it. It just got in my way.

Peg said...

Looks like you're having a wonderful time! It will be great to see your finished projects. Now - pardon my ignorance - but what's a knee LIFT? I'm trying to figure out what you're lifting on your machine with your knee!! Blessings, Peg

Michelle said...

Well, forgetting things is bound to happen. At least you didn't forget your machine! =-). I would miss my knee lift too, as I have come to depend on it. We are spoiled by our 6600's, aren't we? I just wonder how you don't get a hernia taking it with you everywhere you go. Good Lord! They are heavy!

Have a wonderful time!!!

elizabeth said...


Anonymous said...

oooh, the knee lift. I'd really miss that, too! Have fun!

Babs said...


The following are things that I forgot to throw in the car (Barb, this is for you! HOLLLLLAAA!!!!!!!):

#5 To pick up the dog doo at my house. Yes, a necessary evil and probably exactly why I forgot it. lol

So, why were you going to take dog doo in the car with you?!?!? LOL!

Okay, on a serious note - I see Whimsy on that cutting mat. I want to see progress on that one! Can't wait to see it (okay, and droll on it)


Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

Too much time cutting and not enough time doing the to-do list, huh? Glad you made it there safely. Have fun.

Quilter Kathy said...

That is quite a lot of work/play sitting there! Good luck!