Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Crafting Goals

I believe that I will be looking at last year's Goals in order to come up with this year's Goals.
  1. Stash Reports - End the year in the black. I'm not so much concerned about ending at a net of 100 used this year. I will be happy to be in the black!!
  2. Use scraps and crumbs - I have a Crumb quilt on my Judy L's UFO Challenge list so this will have to be worked on a little. Plus, with the Midget blocks, I have been using  scraps on that so I will continue along this route.
  3. Use 10 new patterns. I thought this was a great goal for last year so why not do it again?
  4. Make 12 charity quilts - I didn't quite reach this goal last year, but I think that with the GO, this will be something I can accomplish this year.
  5. Finish the Granny Square afghan - I am pretty sure that I should be able to get it done this year.
  6. Knit some baby caps - no amount to hit on this, but I should be able to make a few.
  7. Finish Bear cross stitch
  8. Really get rid of all stamping stuff - This will mean less stuff to organize!
  9. Keep up with Judy's UFO Challenge
I think this will be a good list for the year. We shall see how I do!


Peg said...

Great goals - here's wishing you accomplish them all!!! Happy New Year!

Jennifer said...

Great list - look forward to seeing that cross stitch finished soon ;P I know it is the bane of your existence, but think how happy you'll be when it isn't hanging over your head any more! Happy new year to Max and Maisy too :)

scraphappy said...

Good luck with the new goals.

Kristie said...

Sounds like a nice list of goals! I have decided that I'm just going to play-it-by-ear for 2011. I had such a rough year for 2010 that I'm just going to work on whatever pops in my mind! :)

Anonymous said...

I just posted my goals, too! I tried my best to be realistic, but I'm just so excited to sew!


Deanna said...

Very ambitious! But, you'll probably do it, knowing you. I am still thinking about my serious goals (I posted silly-ish ones earlier). Joining PIGS is one of them, though.