Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Snuggies for Christmas

About 2 and a half weeks before Christmas, I decided to make a snuggie for the adult exchange with the family. When I was at JoAnn's buying the fleece that I needed, I decided to make a couple more for my Aunt and Uncle in Texas and then 1 for my brother because I had no idea what else to do for him.

These are the bags of fleece that I brought home and the only fleece that was not for snuggies is the pink and black which still have not been made into a blanket for the dogs. 


Using the McCall's M5970 pattern for the Comfy blanket, I made 1 and decided what adjustments to make to it. I didn't add the foot pocket because I adjusted the edging. The pattern calls for folding the edges under to make a trimmed edge, but I decided to just straighten up the sides with a rotary cutter and then did a very large zig zag around the entire blanket. This gave the edges a scalloped look and was much easier to sew. I did all the rest the same.

Here are the snuggies for my aunt and uncle and they really liked them. They already plan on using them in their RV when they are traveling in the summer.


And Granma won the snuggie during the family exchange so I got Meghan to model it for me.


My brother liked his as well, but I forgot to take pictures of that.

Overall, I think these gifts were a hit!


Libby said...

Oh Look! Meghan is "raising the roof" just like that really cool guy on the commercial!! HA!
Cade just had to have a snuggie (about 3 years ago) so we bought him one for his birthday. YUCK! That thing smells bad and feels worse! We are positive that it is made of something toxic!!
Yours look much much nicer!

Babs said...

Aren't they sooooo much nicer than the store-bought ones?!?! I love them. Wish I'd got on the stick and made some for gifts this year!

HOLLLLLLLAAAAAA (raising the roof ;)


Kristie said...

Very nice gifts!!! I'm sure they were well recieved by all!