Friday, March 11, 2011

Any stampers or paper crafters interested?

I have a collection of Pearl Ex powder, stippling brushes and Luminiere available for sale. I have been posting this on CraigsList and haven't had any bites, but I was thinking that maybe some readers might know a stamper who might be interested. I am no longer stamping otherwise I think this would've been a staple to my collection of resources. The effects of the Pearl Ex on card stock is really cool and the Luminiere adds an extra touch of zing!
Here's what I have -
4 sets of Pearl Ex for sale. Pearl Ex gives a nice shimmery and shiny sheen to the areas where it is applied. There are 2 sets of Assortment 1 and 1 set each of Assortments 2 and 3.

4 wooden handled stippling brushes

1 bottle Lumiere - this helps to seal the Pearl Ex to paper.

The Lumiere and 1 or 2 bottles of Pearl Ex were opened for sampling, but the majority of the bottles are unopened/still sealed.
I have been asking for $35 for everything on CraigList.

Please help me get this stuff out of my house by buying it yourself or sharing the link to the post with stampers that you know!!! :-D

I also have 12" by 12" card stock still available and around 50 stamp sets.



Hector said...

Have you thought about putting this up for sale on That's the first place I'd go to. Good luck!

elizabeth said...

Jill have you thought about ebay for selling the stamping stuff. I know you might not get as much for it, but you could list it as an item that maybe pulled if price doesnt go well.

Higgins Design Studio said...

I just posted the link onto facebook, maybe one of my friends will be interested...
I already have enough.


elizabeth said...

Jill, what type of card stock do you have? How much do you want for it and how much of it do you have? Are you selling the card stock separate? I do scrapbooking and use card stock in certain colors.