Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blog Comment Issue

Usually, I am able to catch up on blogs at work on my lunch or during breaks. I have had to use my cell phone in conjunction with my work computer in order to see pictures on some blogs because of the way that the work computer blocks some pictures on blogs. Not all pictures, just some. I can see the pictures on my blog and I post my pictures using WebShots and a link so I can only assume that pictures that are uploaded into Blogger are the ones that work doesn't like.

Anyway, the past couple of weeks, I haven't been able to post comments to blogs at work either. This means that I can read the posts and sometimes see pictures, but if there is something that I want to say, I can't do it at work. :'-(  <== is me crying in case you couldn't tell.

This is still all fine and dandy because I have my Blackberry and iPod Touch. I can still post comments on SOME blogs with my Blackberry. The ones that have their comments pop up in a second window (like mine does) or go to a new page are ones that I can comment on just fine.

It's the Other Ones that are the problem blogs. The Other Ones have their comments embedded into the page the post is on and it goes underneath the post. I can't see the box at work and I can't post any comments on those blogs from my Blackberry either.

I really hate to even bring this up because it seems a little nit picky and like I am trying to "run" blog land, but I really want to be able to comment back on blogs and sometimes it just isn't feasible when I have a witty or sassy comment. Then, when I have the time to comment, I can't remember my witty or sassy comment and that means that we all just miss out. *sigh*  (I also want to be able to clean up my blog reader when I actually am finished reading the blogs....)

And to everyone who has their comments embedded on their posts, please know that I am not singling anyone out! I'm just asking that you make it easier for me to be witty and sassy! I promise!

To change from the embedded comments to one of the other ways to comment, you need to go to the Settings tab in your design and then click on the Commenting section and pick pop up or full page.

Thanks to all for understanding and for making it a little easier for me to comment on what you are sharing!

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Cheryl Willis said...

I think some of us just don't remember how we set up our account. It is always a nice thing to remind us to check to see if we are playing the game the way we want to.
the other day I was getting comments that needed moderated-what's up with that, I would perfer to not even have to guess the word of the day to comment!