Sunday, April 17, 2011

Guild Program

At the March Ohio Valley Quilt Guild meeting, we had a program that was presented by Rebekka Seigel. She made a collection of paper doll quilts based on women that she looks up to. When she first started talking about making this collection, I thought, "well, that's just odd!" She had pictures of the quilts that she made and the clothes attached and explained how she made the quilts.

From the pictures, everything looked tiny. I just couldn't comprehend why you would spend so much time of something so detailed that was so small.

Then she showed the quilts. The Lucille Ball one was by far the best! And you can see in this first picture just how big the quilts are.






And here is part of the Eleanor Roosevelt quilt.


Rebekka gave a pretty good presentation and her quilts were cool!


Suzanne said...

Those quilts are amazing...very creative...and lots of work!

Becky said...

Please explain the sticks the ladies are holding the quilt with. Is that so they can hold it high for everyone to see at a meeting? How are they made?

Anonymous said...

Wow... those are awesome! I bet that really was a treat to see those.

Regina said...

WOW - I agree- I can't see doing something with all that detail any smaller!

Kate said...

Very cool quilts!

Libby said...

WOW!! That is a ton of work!

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

Interesting. Makes me think of the paper dolls I played with when I was young(er).