Monday, April 18, 2011

IQF - Quilts 2011

**Warning! Picture heavy post ahead!**

I'm sure that you are all thinking that it's about time that I posted the pictures of the quilts from the show. :)

As usual, I am going to post my favorites in the post, but all of the pictures are in the slide show at the bottom of this post. And just like any slide show, you can speed up the show or slow it down or set it so that you advance the pictures when you want.

The quilts were mainly art quilts with a few traditional patterns thrown in for the Special Exhibits. And quite a few of the Special Exhibits were marked as No Photography. In spite of all this, it was still really neat to see what other quilters are working on!

Also, when there was a a quilt that I liked, I generally took a close up of the quilt to get a detail or quilting ideas. You can click on any of these pictures to get a closer view as well.

This quilt was a whole cloth quilt and the color was painted on after the quilting was done.



This little pup was just adorable! Reminded me of a dog that we had when I was growing up. (If ever a dog needed to 'comb her face....')


The quilter even puffed up it's nose!


Regina got a little distracted....


The quilting on this one was pretty cool!


This portrait was all yo yo's and painted.



The quilting on this castle was amazing! There is a dragon on each side of the towers in the sky.



A Hoffman Challenge quilt. Most of the others are in the slide show.


Words can't really describe this one...



And President Lincoln was immortalized in fabric.


Overall, a very interesting show! I was a little disappointed in the number of quilts. I think that there were more quilts in Columbus at the NQA show in June, but that could also be because they are all grouped together and every time I have been to NQA it has been for 1 day only.

No matter what, I am very happy to have the IQF in Cincinnati for the time being!!

Cincinnati IQF 2011


Anonymous said...

the one of the dog was sooo amazing! I fell in love with Marianne Willaimson's quilts. So beautiful!

Libby said...

My goodness! The quilting detail on these is stunning!! Thanks for sharing!

elizabeth said...

I first thought the dog was real.. It was so detailed. loved all the quilts thanks for sharing since i didnt get to go to the show.

Kathie said...

oh Jill thank you for sharing amazing quilts....