Thursday, October 13, 2011

Book Review Thursday - 10/13

This week, I only managed to finish Fatal by Michael Palmer. I am not sure how I picked this book up because I have never read a Palmer novel before, but it was an OK book and I wouldn’t object to listening to another of Palmer’s novels.

Dr. Matt Rutledge believes that the coal mine in his small WV town is killing the town’s inhabitants. This doesn’t make him very popular with the townspeople who depend on the mine for their livelihood. In Washington DC, Ellen Kroft wants to block a new megavaccine after her granddaughter begins exhibiting signs of severe Autism after getting vaccinated. In Boston, Dr. Nikki Solari investigates the cause of her roommate’s strange behavior in the months leading up to a tragic death. All these stories become intertwined in this medical thriller.

This was an OK book and most of the plot and action is believable, but there comes a point where I thought, “OK, really?” But I did find the parts of the story with the Sloakum brothers amusing.


Mrs Quilty said...

Mysteries are not my favorite, especially involving murder, but I have read quite a few of James Patterson anyway. I finally came to the point of... ok, let's read something else. It's kind of addicting.

Jean(ie) said...

Reminds me. I need to hit the library today to get a book for our drive.