Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cute things from retreat

Just a couple of pictures of some very cute things that were at retreat!

There was a gal there who made these holiday dolls. The bodies are yo yos! I think the reindeer is just adorable!


The gals from Grand Rapids waited for our show and tell and put on some masks. Those ladies are a hoot!! I was so happy to see all four back this year! And I am happy to report that Jean worked on an old UFO and it was going to be finished by the end of the weekend!


And on Saturday night, a couple of us started listening to a lady who is a miniaturist. She was so interesting to listen to about how she got into making miniatures and some of her other interests! She had a piece of fabric that she was embellishing with single thread french knots to make an oriental rug and it was amazing! She also had this bee hive pin cushion that she made. It was just adorable!


It just goes to show that sometimes at retreats you need to take the time to chat with those around you or you will miss out!


Brenda said...

NO kidding!!! Singel thread french knots!!! Wow!!!

And, if you don't talk to people, how are you going to make friends!??!
If you don't talk to people at retreats, and it's head down and petal to the metal, you should have just saved yourself some time and stayed home with the door lock - JMHO!!!

Regina said...

that beehive is incredible!!!

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Love the reindeer! Did you get the pattern? The beehive is amazing!