Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yearly Goals

A few weeks ago, I posted about yearly goals and asked if anyone planned on making goals for 2012. I got a few great responses and have spent a bit of time thinking about whether I want to make any goals for this year.

I should recap my goals from last year though....
  1. Stash Reports - End the year in the black. I'm not so much concerned about ending at a net of 100 used this year. I will be happy to be in the black!! Didn't happen.
  2. Use scraps and crumbs - I have a Crumb quilt on my Judy L's UFO Challenge list so this will have to be worked on a little. Plus, with the Midget blocks, I have been using  scraps on that so I will continue along this route. I did use some scraps for the Midget Blocks and a couple of other things when I could, but I didn't use as much as I thought I would.
  3. Use 10 new patterns. I thought this was a great goal for last year so why not do it again? Split Decision; Hyde Park'ish; Star Struck; 2011 SIS quilt (Argyle Holiday); Bug Jar; Little Charmers II A; Little Charmers II B; Ohio Star. I may have lost track of some patterns, but 8 out of 10 is pretty good!
  4. Make 12 charity quilts - I didn't quite reach this goal last year, but I think that with the GO, this will be something I can accomplish this year. This didn't happen either. sigh
  5. Finish the Granny Square afghan - I am pretty sure that I should be able to get it done this year. I didn't even crochet at all this year.
  6. Knit some baby caps - no amount to hit on this, but I should be able to make a few. Very little knitting done.
  7. Finish Bear cross stitch I think that I picked up the cross stitch once or twice last winter. It still needs a lot of back stitching.
  8. Really get rid of all stamping stuff - This will mean less stuff to organize! No as well. But with the new business and being in the basement more, I know this is something that needs to be done.
  9. Keep up with Judy's UFO Challenge I did my very best on this. A few things were finished so it was a good challenge.
With all the new things that are going on with me this year (the business and Scrap Squad), I am thinking that I need to streamline my goals for 2012.

I decided that I didn't want to participate in Judy's UFO Challenge again. I just need to work on any UFO that catches my eye or that I feel inclined to work on.

And I am not making a list of other things to work on. If something gets done, it gets done. And if not, it will be hanging around next year like it has for a while now anyway. :)

My only goal this year will be to USE STASH! Anything else that I can do will be a bonus! :)

The pups may have mixed feelings on this, but I am feeling pretty confident with my goal.... I think. lol



Jean said...

I listed mine a while back.

Mine are a bit lofty, I confess.

Regina said...

Practical and achievable - I like that!

Jackie said...

We have the same goal! :) It's not a stash diet for me but to just be more thoughtful about using what I have. I still love it so it really does deserve to be used!

Jennifer said...

Great goal!

Zany Quilter said...

That is a realistic goal...your not Wonderwoman!!! ;-) Good luck with the business and be proud of all that do accomplish...

Kristie said...

I think you made a great decision! I'm thinking that you will stay pretty busy with the Scrap Squad and your quilting business. I know that I don't do very well when I feel that I have to do something, I just like to work on what I want, when I want

Lori said...

I didn't think in terms of "goals" (kinda sounds like a law) and called my "guidelines". I decided its the year to enjoy quilting! Less stress. More fun. I watched all those renovations--you were a strong woman!