Thursday, May 31, 2012

Book Review Thursday - 5/31

My apologies to anyone who was expecting a review last week. I was in such a rush to get everything packed Wednesday night so that I could head out to Regina's on Thursday that I didn't get a post written. When I got to Regina's, I was so tired from the drive that I crashed around 10 and nothing was written before that. Also, I didn't want to be rude on my first night of the visit and have my nose in the laptop!

 A Pizza to Die For is the fourth book in the Pizza Lovers Mystery series by Chris Cavender. (You can read my reviews of the other books here.) Eleanor owns and runs a pizzeria in a small town with the help of her sister. When competition plans to move into the plaza where A Slice of Delight is located, Eleanor is wondering how her pizzeria will survive. And then, the owner of the competition ends up dead right before opening and Eleanor and Maddie become the prime suspects.

This book has the same characters as the last books - Maddie's lawyer boyfriend, the part time help at the pizzeria, the police chief, and the local shady character. New characters are introduced and it is a little easy to see how certain story lines are going to play out. Definitely a great book to read by the pool while catching some rays!
Sophie Kinsella is a British chick lit author and her books are fantastic! Seriously!! Laugh out loud funny! A few years ago, I was reading one of her books and had to call my mom to read her a part and we both cracked up. I think that my mom has read a few of her books based on that excerpt! She writes the Shopaholic series and the books are so much better than the movie that was made several years ago.

I've Got Your Number is Kinsella's latest novel. Poppy is a physical therapist and engaged to Magnus who is in academia and studies symbols. Magnus is so smart, he uses footnotes in his papers and to show that she is smart as well, Poppy uses footnotes when she tells her story (the novel). Magnus' family are all intellectuals as well and make Poppy feel inferior whenever they are around. She also gets the distinct impression that Magnus' parents don't want their son to marry her. And the wedding is in less than 2 weeks and Poppy has lost the engagement ring that is a family heirloom in his family. Then, as she is hunting for the ring, her cell phone is stolen.

But all is not lost! As Poppy is hunting for the ring in the hotel lobby where it was lost, she hears a cell phone ringing in a waste bin and claims it as her own to continue the hunt for the ring. Unfortunately, the phone is the business phone of the assistant to Sam, a very important business man in London. Instead of returning the phone and getting a new one, Poppy insists to Sam that she will just forward all of the texts and emails to him.

Clear as mud? When you read the book, it all makes perfect sense! The characters are believable and loveable and, while the footnoting is a bit annoying, the story is quite humorous. Especially in this day when text messaging is THE way to communicate. Poppy takes it upon herself to try and fix a few things about Sam and causes quite a commotion for him in the office and his personal life. He takes it upon himself to point out a few things about her that he has noticed and makes her think long and hard about the wedding.

Another very cute story and a great read for the beach! And if you decide to listen to the audio version, the narrators of Kinsella's books always have a British accent and I just adore listening to them when they are available!

Next week, I will review 2 books from a new author that I have finished within the last week. I have a new favorite series!! :)

Happy reading!


gale said...

thanks for the review. I love Sophie Kinsella books and I also have some Madeleine Wickham (same author) books that I haven't read yet.

vtquilter said...

Thanks for the review. I think I need to go searching in the kindle area for some new books to read!

Jean said...

I'll need to look for these. Always looking for new books.