Thursday, July 26, 2012

Book Review Thursday - 7/26 A

I missed my reviews last week because I walked with a neighbor and then we ended up chatting for too long and I was too tired to do anything when I finally came home. Right now, I am listening to some thunder so I am typing with my toes crossed that it will rain soon and for a long time! I have been slacking on my watering responsibilities...

I listened to the second novel in the JP Beaumont series by J. A. Jance, Injustice for All. Beaumont is on vacation after all of the happenings in the first book in the series. One evening, he hears a woman scream from the beach and when he investigates, he finds her standing over a man's body. The man happens to be the woman's co-worker and she just happens to be accused of having an affair with him. She also happens to have just told her husband that she is filing for divorce.

When I was listening to this book, I was really starting to hope that Beau doesn't jump into bed with all the women in the cases he investigates (ie in all the books). I just kept thinking what a joke that would be for the entire series. Ron Peters, Beau's partner, helps out with the investigation and several of Beau's former co-workers pop up as well. Peters also has a nice ending to a story that was touched on briefly in the first novel.

I think overall, this was a solid novel in the series, but it might be too soon for me to tell since it was only the second novel in the series that I read. It definitely wasn't bad enough for me to not listen to the next book in the series.

I listened to Trial by Fury as soon as I finished Injustice for All. A black male is found in a dumpster and he turns out to be a local high school basketball coach with a pregnant wife who is due in less than 2 weeks. The wife seems to be hiding something. The high school principal seems to be hiding something. Could it be the pictures of the coach apparently seducing a student? Or is someone who is being way too helpful trying to divert attention?

Thankfully, Beau did not get it on with any woman in this book! I think that it has redeemed the series in that aspect! Beau did seem to try to sink his teeth into his 'suspect' throughout the entire book. He was starting to burn some bridges with his narrow minded thinking. But he straightened up and figured some things out.

This was a much better book for the series and it definitely leaves the reader wanting to pick up the next book in the series.

And now, I am going to try and write a B post for this week. Must stay caught up!!!

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