Friday, August 24, 2012

Productive Friday

Today, I finished quilting the Route 66 quilt. I used a light yellow Bottom Line in the bobbin and a brown and tan variegated Connecting Threads thread.




And now, I need to trim the quilt up, make the binding and attach the binding. I plan on getting this all done tonight so that I can work on the hand stitching of the binding tomorrow.

Tomorrow, there is a yard sale at the condos so I am hoping to have all of this organized and ready to be set up, too. It's mostly all craft stuff, but I need to get it organized and priced tonight so I am not stressing about it while I am setting up tomorrow.



Wish me luck!!


Jennifer said...

Good luck at the sale tomorrow!

Vic H. said...

You are not selling that cute drop side table on the left are you?? If I were there, I'd snatch that up in a hot minute! Good luck..quilting money!

Kristie said...

Cute quilt! I'm seeing a lot of Route 66 stuff pop up in quilting lately.