Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Quilting finished!

Saturday, I loaded up Regina's quilt that I have been holding onto since I came back from her house in May. I figured it was time to get it quilted. I knew she wasn't in a big hurry, otherwise it would have been done and sent back immediately. :)

I got the quilt loaded and halfway quilted on Saturday. The quilt was from a kit from Connecting Threads, but it is a Bargello quilt. The pattern was a little iffy because they direct the quilter to cut all the fabric into squares to sew together instead of strips.


And I worked on it a little last night and then finished the quilting tonight.


I used a Baptist Fan panto and silver Connecting Threads in the top and silver Bottom Line in the bobbin. So the quilting is hard to photograph in most spots.


The texture is nice and it should crinkle up well in the wash.

Lula was just happy that she didn't have to sit in the basement any longer. Or she is just ready for bed because it is that time. lol  Also, since I know that this quilt is going to Regina's house and a pet friendly place, I knew that it would be OK for the dog on the quilt. But I do not usually allow the pups on customer quilts. :)



Jennifer said...

It looks great!

Amy said...

Oh yay... Wonderful fans!!
And really...?.... cut into squares!? Woowee.... good thing you have your experience to make for a MUCH easier piecing job :)

Regina said...

Yeah -I wish I had NOT followed their instructions... it made it a lot longer job than it should have been.... but the end result is gorgeous! Thanks!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Very nice!! I can't believe it wasn't striped-pieced though. What a hassle!

diana569 said...

love the quilt and quilting, the back is so pretty it could be reversible.... your model is adorable!

Kristie said...

That turned out nicely! Do you ever have problems with their thread (Connecting Thread) breaking? I sure do. It breaks on my quilting machine, my regular sewing machine and then the other day I was using some of it to do some applique and it just broke! I wanted to scream!