Thursday, November 22, 2012

Book Review Thursday - 11/22

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I am so thankful for 2 great library systems within 5 miles of my house! I am set with books to read and listen to for quite a while!

Death Dance is the next novel in the Alexandra Cooper series by Linda Fairstein. While questioning witnesses about a physician drugging house guests and then raping them, a call comes in about a missing ballerina dancer at the Met and Alex, Mike and Mercer are jumping in feet first to find the dancer and investigate the murder.

The investigation leads the team to several theaters in the city and several run ins with Joe Berk, aka the Wizard of the Great White Way, who is an ass. Berk might be able to produce great shows, but his family would rather he be dead so that they can take his money.

Another novel in the series that almost makes me want to travel to NYC to check out the sites that are in the book! The story lines for both investigations were worked within the book instead of the secondary story not being touched on at all once the main investigation takes over. And the novels have progressed enough with the main characters that there are struggles Alex, Mike and Mercer are facing in their personal lives that are moved along in this novel as well. A great addition to the series!

Doom with a View is the next in the Psychich Eye series by Victoria Laurie. Because of the economic tanking in Michigan, Abby's appointment book is severely lacking in income generating activity so she agrees to take a consulting job with the FBI. She is looking into a case of missing teenagers of political figures and will be reporting to her boyfriend Dutch's new boss, Harrison. Candice joins Abby for the job and they both dislike Harrison with a passion from the start when he gives Abby timed tests and fails her for not following his direction. Candice also steps in it when she physically restrains Harrison after he grabs Abby during one of the tests.

Throughout the job, Harrison's boss pushes him to use Abby and Harrison and Abby and Candice spend most of the book fighting each other. Abby and Candice end up going on their own to investigate and step on the FBI's toes in the process.

I'm not sure if this was such a great book in the series. It certainly progresses the personal story lines along from the previous books. Abby just seems a little naive to things sometimes and it's a little irritating. Also, she seems to have a lot of hostility towards Harrison since he doubts her abilities, but shouldn't she be used to doubters? I would think it is a common thing that psychics have to encounter. I will see how the next book in the series is.

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