Friday, November 9, 2012

I must have been sick...

If you are looking for the Modern Designs for Classic Quilts book giveaway, that is in this post.

Three weeks ago, I was in Shipshewana for a quilt retreat. When I got there, I was just getting over a cold and by Saturday, my cough had come back with a vengeance. My roommate Laurel and I went to Yoder's and Lolly's about an hour before they closed on Saturday. I looked around both shops determined to buy SOMETHING to treat myself. I searched high and low... well, maybe just at my eye level.

I couldn't find one thing to buy for myself. Not one thing. I posted on facebook that I must be sick because I walked out empty handed and everyone online agreed with me. It wasn't until Tuesday or Wednesday after I got back that I realized that they were right. (For any newbies to my blog, I was congested and coughing until the end of last week!)

Last night, I went to a relatively new shop in the Cincinnati area - Sewn Studio. I have been there before, but I was looking for Bella Solids and was told that they have a great selection. Boy, do they have a great selection!!

I'm almost sorry to have to admit this, but I finally fell off the stash busting wagon!

I have a specific project that I needed these solids for - a Dresden Plate challenge for the Cincinnati Modern Quilt Guild. It has to be at least 48" square and completely finished by December 12. I am really cutting it close to get something done!

I got to Sewn Studio last night and got to work picking out the fabrics that I need. I am sort of winging this - very much a modern thing, but a little trying for a semi-OCD accountant! I think I over bought fabric, but I am sure that I can salvage the extras for another project!

Here are my main colors. (Oh and see the darling little creatures in the background? They ended up getting into a skirmish** within minutes of my taking this picture. sigh...)

Here is a non-flash picture with the white that will be the background for my challenge quilt.

I do still need to get 2 more colors. The dark burgundy is filling in for the real color that I want to get. And I need another light yellow.

Since I had time to wander the shop while all this luscious fabric was getting cut, I decided on a couple of smaller purchases as well.

Sew Stitchy and Mod Century charm packs. I think that I am going to make a disappearing nine patch with at least one of these packs. So I got a little extra white and a lot of extra black Bella. I mean, I was there and figured that I might as well, right? ;)

So, it looks like I really was sick in Shipshewana!

** The skirmish was ended quickly and without incident. Maisy was pretty shaken up, but Lula was put into her place. Maisy is now resting comfortably on her throne pillow.


Melinda said...

Nothing better than a rainbow of solids. Have fun with the project.

Marj said...

When us SC Girls come to Cincinnati I think I would like to get some Bella Solids. It will be fun to see what you create with the fabric you purchased.
As for Maisy, you go girl, us older ladies got to stand our ground.

Coloradolady said...

I love the solids. So pretty! I have a hard time buying solids with all the prints out there!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Love the rainbow! Patiently waiting to see what they become.

Jennifer said...

Oh wow! When you fall, you fall hard! You got some beautiful fabric to show for it though ;) Hope the pup drama is over for a while....they are just like my has to remind the other of their position every once in a while, then they play nicely again!

Heather Jones said...

Gorgeous!!!! I can't wait to see how they all come together in your quilt.

Regina said...

Good thing you had all that fabric to cushion your fall!!

Jean(ie) said...

Love your little charm packs! Wow! you act like I do when I go on a fabric diet! (yes, I'm a cheater!). I can't wait to see your Dresden piece.

Jenniffier said...

Great finds! I too am trying to not to buy anything I did really well for a couple months and then last month I fell far off. Good luck with your projects, the dresden sounds like fun!