Monday, December 31, 2012

Design Wall Monday - 12/31

After my trip north on Saturday for Shirley, the Singer 301 (it's a really great story and I encourage you to click on the link to read about it and see all the pictures!), I really wanted to spend all day yesterday being crafty and creative! I had a bit of cleaning to do, some knitting (the sock and a ruffle scarf), piecing (borders on Scrap Squad #6 and Easy Street Step 1), quilting (one on the frame and load another), and I got the heat resistant material to re-cover my big board. I ended up jumping from project to project a lot!

I did get the big board re-covered. You may remember that shortly after receiving the big board at the 2011 quilt retreat in Shipshewana, someone (ahem, Barb!) cut through the cover. "Accidentally!" I put a patch on it and the patch has been coming off for several weeks so I decided to re-cover the board. I just removed the old cover, left the layer of batting, added another layer of batting and smoothed the heat resistant fabric over it. It didn't take too long at all, but I am afraid that Barb is not allowed near it with a rotary cutter now. :)


I did sew quite a bit with Shirley, the 301. I sewed the strip sets for Easy Street Step 1 in about 15 minutes and that was with loading a bobbin. She sure is zippy! And I got the sets pressed and about half cut down into sub units.


I made the binding and cut and attached the borders to the 6th Scrap Squad. I can only show the binding. I need to get this quilt loaded and quilted so I can post about it and be done with Scrap Squad... I do still need to make the backing, but there is all day tomorrow for that!


After the Scrap Squad work, I went to the basement to do a load of laundry and work on quilting. Wouldn't you know it... After going through part of one bobbin and trying to load up more, I ran out of the bobbin thread. I have another cone on order, but I could have sworn that I had a back up cone of this color. I guess that it just wasn't used as much in April when I went to the IQF show as the other cones that I did get. Or I already went through so much of it that I used the partial and another entire cone. Oh well, the quilting is on hold until I get the new cone because the quilt is so big that I am not removing it and trying to reload it.

And this means that I will have to do nothing but piecing on New Year's Day. I will probably spend most of my time on the Easy Street mystery and piecing on Shirley!

In between cutting the strips down, I threw the Moon Pie blocks on the wall. I should be able to get this assembled this week. I need to throw up the setting triangles and the border needs to be pieced. It is a piano key border and all the parts are already cut out.


Max is very excited about all the things that I did get done yesterday! Well, not really. He wanted off the bed. lol



Jennifer said...

What a great day! Glad you got a little of everything done!

Rhonda said...

Recovering, hummmmm, I need to do that.
Love your Moon Pie blocks. Take care and have a great new year!!

Regina said...

So even with your "distraction disorder" earlier in the day- you did get quite a bit accomplished!!! Nicely done!

Jean(ie) said...

I wish I had half of your energy! I previewed an embroidery machine yesterday. Thinking of taking a plunge.

Karen said...

You had a great day. Happy New Year Jill.

Beth said...

I jumped around on project today too. Too bad I didn'g get a load of laundry done. :sniff: Tomorrow is a low rate day all day, so I will get lots done. I am setting Harriette (my 301) up tonight so I can get started on my NYD Mystery as soon as I'm dressed. I will be up late with my pups. They HATE HATE HATE fireworks! See you next year!