Saturday, May 11, 2013

Moving Day!

Today was the day that the Mega Quilter and frame got picked up and moved to it's new home in Judy's house. She is a new quilter and very excited to have the frame and machine and she can't wait to get started with it!

Last night, I headed to bed early and ended up waking up before Lula this morning. That is quite a feat because she is always awake and watching me when the alarms go off during the week! I got up and had plenty of time before they came to pick up the machine.

I had plans today to go to a couple of quilt shops and the quilt show to see my quilts hanging, but I needed to look through my fabrics first to pull some colors for a new quilt. This is what I came up with.


And then, here is the basement before...


And after...


Good bye, dear Mega Quilter! I will never forget the times we spent together! :)

But there is so much room in the basement now!!


Susan C said...

Hooray for selling the Mega Quilter so quickly! It sounds like its going to a good home.

Jean(ie) said...

Woo hoo! Quilting room!!!!!

Regina said...

So glad for you - and for Judy!!!

Jennifer said...

Yippee! Looks like you have tons of room now!