Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Some excitement!

Yesterday, I had a delivery.


Lula was very intrigued by the package. And the bubble wrap!


And here was what was inside.


Another Singer 301a with a carrying case and the cords and that is it.

I haven't tried it out yet, but the wheel moves by hand easily and everything else moves as it should. The cord is different from my first 301a - the foot pedal cord and power cord are all one piece. And  this one was born in 1953 in Anderson, SC. My old one was born in 1954.

Here she is out of the box.


After the excitement, I did a little piecing on the first 301a and the foot pedal went berserk. I had to take both foot pedals apart to figure out how to fix the broken one. Once I got it back together, I have much more control over the speed. Before I fixed it, there were 2 speeds - off and ZIPPY!

I also organized another quilt to cut out. I might get to that tonight.


My plan with this new 301a is to make up a little sewing area in the basement so that I can do a little piecing in between passes on the frame. I found that if I take little breaks here and there, it can save my back while quilting. Since there is always something to work on, I might actually make progress on some tops!


Susan C said...

Sounds like a good plan! Anderson is just north of me, near where family lives & where my granddaughter was born! I didn't realize that sewing machines were manufactured there. Have fun with your new machine.

thea said...

Your new 301 looks nice. Hope it works out -- your plan sounds like a good one. and I'm sure you'll get loads done that way.

Jean(ie) said...

My dad used to travel to Anderson, SC a lot on business. His company had a plant there. Been there a couple of times. Good place for your 301 to be from.

That will keep you busy when taking breaks from the frame. Smart move!

Marj said...

I like your plan, it sounds like a good way to rest your back. Amazing that you found a machine that is even older than me. lol Are the Pups going to like the new plan? Maybe they need a special place to relax in the basement....

Jennifer said...

Great addition, and great idea - I do like having both machines in the same room so I can switch back and forth too.

wtpooh11 said...

What a great idea. I am so glad that you found another one. I hope it brings you a lot of fun.

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

nice new toy!