Thursday, August 8, 2013

Book Review Thursday - 8/8

Last week, I gave up on a book and I know it was the right decision because I have definitely started reading more and finishing more since I gave up on the one.

 I listened to Dead to the World on my iPod through Audible. (I love Audible and it is a great resource for audio books!) This is the 4th book in the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series by Charlaine Harris.

Sookie's New Year's Resolution is to not get beat up. On her way home from working the New Year's Eve party at the bar, she sees Eric running down the street. He is half naked and quite a long way from his home. He also doesn't know who he is or who she is. And so begins another saga in Sookie's life. She takes Eric in to protect him from the witches that wiped out his memory. And then her brother goes missing that evening.

These books aren't your typical vampire books and I have been enjoying them quite a bit! The characters are humorous and the situations Sookie gets into are pretty comical. I'm ready to read the next one!

Kinsey and Me is a collection of short stories and essays by Sue Grafton. I love the Kinsey Milhone character and I adore the whole alphabet series! I think that it takes Grafton about 2 years to come out with a new book and the next one, W is for Wasted, is due out this fall. I.Can't.Wait!! I hope that after Z Grafton comes up with a way to keep writing the series.

There are two parts to this book. The Kinsey part is short stories with Kinsey as the main character doing what she does - solving mysteries. The and Me part of the book is essays that Grafton wrote about her alcoholic parents.

This is the book that I gave up on. The Kinsey stories were great! A little piece of Kinsey in 10-20 page increments. The and Me part is where I lost interest. They were not stories and were more essays. While Grafton is an excellent story teller, I just couldn't get into the analytical part of her dealing with the death of her mother. The good thing about this book? About 2/3 of it are the Kinsey stories. :)


Joanne said...

I loved that book. I found it gave me insights into the author. Not as much action as the A,B, C series. I do love her series and did not know another one was on the horizon. Thanks for the heads up. Joanne

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Amen sister!! I gave up on the 2nd half of the Kinsey and Me book as well. I enjoyed the Kinsey short stories and wished a few of them were made into an actual "ABC" book for her. Add me to the list of "can't wait" for the "W" book!