Monday, August 19, 2013

Design Wall Monday - 8/19

Saturday and Sunday, I laid out the rest of the A and B blocks for Easy Street. I organized the blocks into piles so that I could do some strip piecing.


Yesterday, I pieced one block together keeping all of the rows attached to each other so that it would get out of order. I sewed the first 2 parts for the first row and then the first two parts for the next row and so on and didn't clip the rows apart. And then I sewed the third unit onto the first 2 for all the rows and so on. This is what I ended up with.


Then, I pressed the rows. I still didn't clip the rows apart. It was a little cumbersome during the pressing, but I know that nothing was out of order.


And then, I sewed the rows together and pressed the block. It is the block to the right.


I think these are turning out really well! And with this piecing technique, I am going to be able to take the piles of block parts to the basement and work on them while I do a little quilting. I might just get these blocks all assembled before the end of the month!

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Jennifer said...

Looks great - I chained mine when I did them too (but didn't keep them together as long as you did). It is a nice way to keep things in order.

Sue Daurio said...

Look awesome!

Rhonda R. said...

This looks great. What a fun quilt with the blue and green on B/W background.

Gari in AL said...

When I saw the thumbnail I knew those blocks looked familiar. This is such a great quilt (if you like little pieces) and I know I felt GREAT when I had mine all together. Have fun.

Mary said...

You're getting this one finished before the next Mystery. Good Job! Webbing the seams is always a good thing.

Kim S said...

Your colors are wonderful!

Lynette said...

Such gorgeous fabrics. :D Yeah - I get a little impatient with the cumbersome aspect of pressing while doing the web-sewing approach, but it sure does have its organizational merits!!