Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday sewing and prep

Today, I worked on the Road to Llano blocks and Easy Street while watching a bit of TV to catch up on the DVR.

I finished the dark blocks for Road to Llano. The next step is to lay the blocks out and then assemble the quilt top.


I assembled the first A block for Easy Street. I love how they look together!


I also started playing with the pieces to lay out the remaining blocks.


Lula got tired of supervising. Which is actually good because she likes to mess up the blocks!



Jennifer said...

Your blocks look great - look forward to seeing them come together.

Unknown said...

those blocks look great Jill cant wait to see what the 2 quilt look like when finished

Regina said...

I have piecing envy - can't wait to get back in the sewing room with no deadlines and just play!!!