Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Quilt on the frame

I have recovered from retreat and I am ready to get back down to business!

I got this quilt for Cathy on the frame tonight and then it was too late to start quilting.

Photo: Next #quilt on the #hqavante frame. A sweet baby quilt to be quilted with Baptist Swirl. #darlingjillquilts

The quilting will be Baptist Swirl. Once it is done, I am ready to get the next one loaded and get moving on that.

This weekend, I have plans to hang with Barb and spend some time cutting and prepping for the next few quilts I need to make.


Vickie said...

A nice quilt for showcasing fabrics and should go together quickly! I Like!

Ruthie said...

How pretty!

Teri said...

Pretty quilt. I still need to get things unpacked. That is the plan for this weeekend.

Brenda said...

You really do inspire me to just stick to a project and see it to the finish line. I like to do lots of things at once and accomplish nothing in good time.... yeah, see the problem??

Love seeing you just do it and get it done and you still have a life!!! ;-)

Have a super weekend and enjoy these fall days.

thea said...

Such a nice quilt.