Tuesday, January 8, 2008

7 Random and Wacky things about me

Jen has tagged me for 7 Random and Wacky things about myself. Now, I need to share and then tag 7 more people.

1. I love to eat Lucky Charms cereal, but I have to eat them a certain way. When I pour a bowl, I have to eat all of the crunchy pieces first so that the marshmallows can get all mushy. Then, I eat the marshmallow pieces in the order that they were sang in the song in the commercial when I was a kid. It is basically in rainbow order starting with the pink hearts, but since the cereal added colors after the cereal had been established, the red balloons are after the purple pieces. Odd, I know!
2. I make up songs and sing to my dogs. When I was growing up, Mom always used to do this to the dogs and us kids and, of course, being a kid I was so embarrassed and swore that I would never act that way. Oh, no - I have turned into my mother.
3. When talking about people to friends or anyone, I will come up with very descriptive names to call the people that I am talking about. It makes it easier for others to keep them all straight. At least, that is what I tell myself. Really though, after having read the stories of CMG (Crazy Mold Guy), who has forgotten who he is? And it also helps to keep the guys from eHarmony straight!
4. I have had and am keeping the TiVo in my bedroom for now. The reason that the TiVo is in the bedroom is because this is where my sewing area is and I was losing shows because I was sewing and not watching them fast enough. Now, I sew and listen to the shows. :)
5. I buy things on clearance and then store them in my spare bedroom for the next time the holiday comes around and then I forget about them. I started cleaning out the spare bedroom a few weeks ago and could not believe the amount of stuff that I could have given out as presents this past Christmas, but I had forgotten that they were even in there! I will have to try and remember for next year!
6. When I do word finds or Sudoku from a book, I have to start with the first puzzle and finish it and then go on to the second puzzle. I work my way from the front to the back of the book and I can't move on until the current puzzle is finished. I have been doing this sine I was in junior high. And I am still doing it today as I look at the book on my bedside table. I also don't like to share my books with others!
7. I was a drug dealer when I was in high school and college. I love saying this just for the shock value. I worked in a pharmacy and I learned a lot about drugs and interactions. I also used the drug dealer line for quite a few speeches when I had to take speech classes in high school and college. And now, a lot of times when people find out that I worked in a pharmacy, they ask questions about drugs that they are on or their kids are on. It's very interesting.
OK, so now I have to tag 7 people. I hope that the people that I tag will follow through and do their 7 things. Last time I tagged people, no one followed through. :(
  1. Amelia
  2. Angie
  3. Veronica
  4. Cathy
  5. Deb
  6. Hazel
  7. Nancy


Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

I never knew anyone who ate Lucky Charms in a certain order. That's very interesting and probably explains alot about you.

Jen said...

Your lucky charms thing isn't so odd...cause I do stuff like that with foods too. The drug dealer...LOL you had my mouth hanging open for a second!!

Anonymous said...

You had me a little surprised on the drug dealer until I continued reading! Ok, I have been tagged... so I will have to start thinking and will post eventually! There are probably way too many things to choose from!
Deb (vtquilter)

quiltin cntrygrl said...

I eat my lucky charms like that too.. LOL not the color order of the marshmallows .. but I eat the crunchy first