Sunday, February 10, 2008

Better late than never...

Here are my January 2008 accomplishments. I knew that I needed to post them earlier, but I wanted to get my retreat posts done and then I had to work on a new quilt...

Anyway, here's the list:
  1. Finished my Star blocks for my star and nine patch quilt class
  2. Made a Buzz Lightyear fabric book for Ethan
  3. Finished 2 cat table runners that were supposed to be Christmas presents
  4. Finished the December 2 Buck a Block BOM from Best Friends
  5. Fixed Max's bad back temporarily a few times - found out that he has some thinning between 3 thoracic vertebrea (He has been doing much better recently and has not needed aspirin for at least a couple of weeks now.)
  6. Found out that my Sesame Street personality is Elmo. Ethan would be so happy!
  7. Finished my granma's Very Badley purse
  8. Found out my Muppets personality if Fozzie Bear
  9. Won a Creating Your Perfect Quilt space book at at Stash class at Best Friends
  10. Kept receiving more registrations for the April Quilt Retreat
  11. Got back on the elliptical twice since not being on it since prior to the October accident
  12. 2 pillowcases and a drawstring bag for Ethan's birthday
  13. Finished my setting triangles for the star and nine patch quilt
  14. Made a Poor Man's Design wall in my kitchen so that I could arrange my star and nine patch blocks
  15. Finished listening to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkeban and Harry Potter and then Goblet of Fire. I was pleasantly surprised to be enjoying the series!
  16. Was made Moderator on the Yahoo group that Jen created
  17. Learned how to make mitered borders for the pieced border on the star and nine patch quilt
  18. Received another 5-6 years of good birth control after an outing to the Cincinnati Fire Museum
  19. Got addresses for 201 companies, designers, etc. and prepared and mailed 201 letters requesting donations for the April Quilt Retreat

OK, now that I am finally done with this post and up-to-date, I am going to go and rest my eyes. I have acquired a retinal migraine that I would be willing to work through and trying to type and read just aren't happening. Hopefully, it will work itself out in a few more minutes and then I will be able to sew!


Cindy said...

Holy smokes! For getting in to quilting a year ago you sure are rockin'! Great job!

Hazel said...

You did great getting all those donations ,I'm sure it was a lot of work on your part , well done .

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Wow I was a slug in January and February hasn't been any better. I got tired just reading about all that you accomplished.

Jan said...

Wow, you were sure busy in January--that sounds like a year's worth of accomplishments!! Way to go!!! Hope your headache didn't last too long!

Jen said...
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Jen said...

Holy cow, you were one busy girl!!! It's fun to read your list even though I see it all month long. =)

Jen said...
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