Thursday, April 24, 2008

Friday - Day 1 of Retreat

Awesome job, ladies! Since there was no griping about the lack of posts (for the most part), I am going to tell you about Friday now. For those of you who have dial up, I will apologize now - there are lots of pictures and a short film! :)

Before turning in on Thursday night, Jen and I were trying to decide if we would stop at another store or 2 on our way to the Center. I think that we decided that we would see how loading up the cars went in the morning. We set our alarms and waited for morning.

I was up at 7 and took the dogs out and then went and sat in bed and checked emails. I was trying to wait until I could take he dogs to the vet so that they wouldn't be in our hair when we tried to load the cars, but I wanted to let them see Jen before we left so I was waiting to hear the signs of life in the next room. When she got up, I let the dogs run to her and I made myself presentable to the vet. I grabbed the dogs and ran them to the vet and it took less time than I thought it would. I ran back home and backed into my spot so that loading the car would be easier.

When I came in, Jen was still in the bathroom so I started taking loads out to the car. By the time she came downstairs, I had everything mostly loaded into my car, but I didn't have room for my ironing board. Jen was able to maneuver some things around in her car and we were ready. Well, I wasn't fully presentable, but a quick shower later and I was finally ready! I didn't get shots of my car before we left and I didn't get shots of the matching cars either (Jen rented a Gray G6 for the trip). Dang, I am bad at remembering Ruby so that I can capture important moments!

100_0299 100_0300 100_0302 100_0303

When we left the house, we were both starving and we headed to none other than IHOP. (Seriously, did you expect anything different?) Jen talked me into getting a Beezlenut Splash which is a special drink that they are serving now for their Horton Hears a Who promotion. It is Sprite with Berry and Cherry jello cubes in it. Now, you may think that this doesn't sound appealing, but believe me, IT IS! The jello kinda bounces around in the Sprite due to the carbonation. It's almost like watching a cold and sweet lava lamp.


I ordered the usual. Mmmm - that looks awesome! I wish I had some pancakes now...


And when I was done eating, here is what was left. Some people don't believe that I never finish this meal. I mean, sometimes I do, but it's only when I am famished. Friday, I was only starving. :)


Then, I talked Jen into another Beezlenut Splash and we discussed the values of adding alcohol to the Sprite and to the jello. She couldn't understand why no college bar had ever come up with this idea. We also just played with the jello while we drank the Sprite. Our server couldn't make eye contact with either one of us while we were drinking and laughing and probably snorting.


After paying our bill, filling up with gas and emptying our bladders, we were on our way to Palestine! Well, by way of WalMart. After a quick stop for snacks, we got to the Center. We were the first ones there and started unloading the cars. The other started showing up before we were done. We left the donations in stacks by the raffle table and Jen and I started moving tables around. We needed to set them up for maximum occupancy - 46 were to be there for the weekend - and for maximum safety - we didn't want a lot of spots where ladies would constantly be stepping over cords.

Jen and I started moving tables around and when we got to the top of the second row, Jen stops and said, "Is this where you were sitting last time?" I didn't realize what she meant until she pointed to a spot on the floor covering that was an obvious patch. Apparently, they were able to fix my little mishap. And yes, we were in the same spot where I had been in February.

my accident

While Jen and I had taken our desk chairs, other ladies hadn't thought of it or didn't have the room in their cars. The Center has larger plastic patio chairs and Mary Sue got the idea to have the ladies in our group use the chairs. She ran up to the stage and started kicking her legs and making Can Can music type sounds. We didn't get it on camera immediately and once we were finished moving the chairs, we asked for an encore and she obliged.


Brenda and I ran upstairs and did the room assignments and discussed the issues that had come up so far. When we got back to the gym area, Jen was already sewing! And other people were starting to show up. The next couple of hours passed in a blur. There were some complaints,but on the whole, everyone showed up and was able to sit with their friends. Then we had dinner. I remember it was lasagna, salad and garlic bread and in keeping with the theme of plating food for Jen's hubby, I took this shot of my mostly empty plate.


Here are some shots of my stuff that I took. Man, did I over pack!

100_0308 100_0310

And I got some freebies just for being me! :) Carol's hubby does wood working for a hobby and he made things for our retreat last year. This year, he made a few seam rippers. When I showed Jen, she said that it looked like a magic wand. It will go nicely with my Lucky Charms pants!


And Cathy just got back from England and she brought FQs for everyone. This is the one that I picked out.


I taught a class on Friday night after dinner - Paper Piecing. A few of the ladies said that I explained the process very well and that they now thought that they understood what other teachers had meant. Everyone took practice patterns and scraps and a few showed me their blocks and they did great jobs! I forgot to get pictures again!

Once I was done with class though, I was free from duties until Saturday and I was able to get my sewing area organized and start sewing. The first piece of business was the pillowcases. I got 6 done before I went to bed. I didn't get pictures of them, but they were from fabric that I bought on Thursday with Jen. Check out this post in case you missed them - Star Wars, Crab, WW Jill D?, and a cloud and star case from a kit that I had since October. Then, I finished a block from my LQS BOM.


Maddy got done with her slide show and she sent it home with Jen to be quilted. How cool is that??


At some point in the evening, there was a little entertainment. Fortunately for Kim and myself, no one had their cameras at the ready!! Jen played DJ on our laptops and Kim and I danced for everyone. Jen played Baby Got Back and Kim and I did the lawn mower... Jen played Tootsie Roll and Kim and I did the Tootsie Roll dance and the white man's overbite... Jen played Rump Shaker and Kim and I did stir the pot... Well, you get the idea! We cracked up the whole time! Most of it was from the looks that the other quilters gave us. A lot of the ladies were laughing with us, but a couple of ladies had the jaw-dropped-what-in-the-world.. look on their faces. :) It was a real pick-me-up for the evening and everyone had more energy after we were done.

Eventually, we were down to 5 - 4 in the picture - Kathi, Carol, Brenda and Jen - and me taking the picture. I said, "And then there were 5!" and we got all excited about being the last ones up and then Mary walked in from upstairs and 2 other ladies came in from downstairs. I was shocked! Eventually though, we were back to 4 and then Jen and I went to bed around 2:30 AM. Note the number of tables set up and all of the stuff everywhere! We were quite cozy, but everyone had a great time!



OK, that is it for Friday. I can't believe how long this post has taken me. Sorry about the number of pictures, but I didn't want to leave anything out!

Tomorrow, we discuss more sewing and PRIZES!!! :)


Regina said...

I have GOT to get myself on the "guest list" for this - looks like an AWESOME time!!!

Moneik said...

Looks like you had an awesome time!

Maureen said...

Jill looks and sounds like you had guys had one great time! Wish I could have been there...maybe next year!

Jen said...

Seriously, the Beezlenut Splashes were probably the hardest I've laughed in an eternity...until the weekend of course!!!