Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valentine treats

I stopped at Target on my way home from the shop on Saturday to get a couple of things so that I could start loading up the closet with my clothes again. I walked past the pet care aisles and saw a few sale signs so I had to check them out. Lucky for the ninjas, one of their favorites was on sale so I got 2 - 1 for each!

Of course, I had my ideas about who would get which color. Max had his own thoughts - he *needed* the pink one!


And the poor toy that Maisy got had it's little tail ripped off in the first 5 minutes.


And here is what I got. I love these!


Of course, I was really looking for chocolate with marshmallows and caramel. Oh well, I can settle! :)


Myra said...

Doggy toys don't stay whole in my house with Dora... Ruby is much better, but then Dora gets hold, and destruction happens... 8-(
I find that a piece of polar fleece tide in knots for them to play with lasts longer than anything I can buy for them! 8-)
Happy stitchings!

Moneik said...

They look so cute!

Anonymous said...

Your dachsies are so cute. Perfect toys for them!

Michele said...

Dogs are goofy. My two found a bone recently that has been lying around the living room for literally YEARS and decided that it was now the best thing in the world.

We'll see what candy I get for Valentine's. I got DH Turtles (I don't like them but he does) and the kids M&M hearts.